Process Cooling & Drying

Newsome Ltd prides itself in understanding the cooling and drying characteristics of products, and creating systems to suit based upon realistic cooling times.

Testimony to the company’s progress is the number of leading brands, which are produced with the aid of Newsome expertise.

All products have varying cooling/drying characteristics. Constitution, shape, temperature and moisture content all affect the ability of the product to give up its heat/moisture.

Too little cooling will obviously extend production time or possibly reduce shelf life. It is equally important to consider over-cooling which can also create problems of product quality. By understanding the nature of the product Newsome are able to provide an environmental solution.

Newsome systems can be adapted to conveying, static or bulk storage production.

Newsome have also developed their own portable test facility on which samples can be tested under a wide range of temperature conditions. From the results it is possible to determine the cooling characteristics of individual products and thus ensure the clients product is cooled at the optimum rate.