Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

In the past air conditioning was considered to be something of a luxury, however, today’s businesses regard it as a necessity.

Air-conditioned environments increase staff productivity and in shops, commercial premises and restaurants customers would spend more time and money in pleasant and most importantly comfortable surroundings. Air conditioning is an ingenious way of controlling not only the temperature and humidity but also the movement and cleanliness of the air inside a building.

Although the process is relatively complex, the operation itself is quite simple. The basic principle of air conditioning is the refrigeration process and our knowledge and experiences within this field form the foundation of the business.

Newsome Ltd has expertise in a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration applications from small office areas to large industrial production facilities and from simple tempered air installations to close control laboratory conditions.

Newsome Ltd offers the customer over 30 years of experience and its name has been built on the quality, trust and personal service provided. Respect from leading manufacturers has led to Newsome being awarded with recognised registered installer status ensuring the customer of a professional service throughout.