Case Study

Brewery FE Vessel Cooling


Client: Cask Ale Producer

Industry: Beverage

Project Overview: Newsome were recently approached by an established cask ale producer who were looking to expand their business by installing a new bottling line.

The application required the Newsome team to create a solution which ensured the product was sufficiently cooled prior to the product transfer into the bottling phase, which ensures product quality & minimum product losses.


The brewery not only required the supply & commissioning of the industrial air cooled chiller, but they also needed the Newsome team to design & install the mechanical & electrical interfaces with the new bottling line.


A new WRA Air Cooled packaged process chiller rated at 150kW of cooling capacity was selected to provide chilled water / propylene glycol solution at a temperature of -6 °C.


As part of the project delivery Newsome lifted the new chiller into position before our mechanical contracts team installed new stainless-steel pipework to connect the new chiller to the Fermenting Vessels and plate heat exchanger.


Once completed the new pipework was thermally insulated with phenolic foam insulation and finished with an aluminium cladding before the glycol was charged into the system allowing for full system commissioning to take place by the Newsome Service Team.