Newsome's Chiller Solution Enhances Efficiency at Nestlé's Dalston Plant

Newsome's Chiller Solution Enhances Efficiency at Nestlé's Dalston Plant

Improving Production Efficiency, Reducing Carbon Emissions, and Enhancing Sustainability

Client Overview

Nestlé, a globally recognised leader in the food and beverage industry, has a long-standing presence at their Dalston plant near Carlisle, UK. Established in 1962, the plant focuses on the production of powdered and condensed milk products, sourced exclusively from local Cumbrian dairy farmers. Over the past 15 years, Nestlé has invested a substantial £70 million into the Dalston site to introduce innovative products and upgrade its filling and packing hall.

The Challenge

Nestlé’s Dalston plant operates on an impressive scale, processing an average of 350,000 litres of milk daily, contributing to a remarkable annual total of 63 million litres. With such extensive production, efficient cooling solutions are critical to maintaining product quality and production timelines. In line with Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, the plant sought a solution to enhance production efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and curtail energy consumption in their process chilling applications.

Newsome’s Expertise

Newsome, a renowned specialist in industrial cooling, heating, and dehumidification solutions, stepped in to address Nestlé’s requirements. With a history of delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to client needs, Newsome proposed a comprehensive approach that encompassed both interim and permanent measures to optimise the cooling process.

The Solution: Interim Rental and Turnkey Chiller Solution

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Newsome swiftly installed a highly efficient 350 kW chiller on a rental basis. This interim solution allowed Nestlé’s operations to continue seamlessly while the more comprehensive permanent solution was being developed.

In parallel, Newsome’s team collaborated closely with Nestlé’s engineers to design a turnkey chiller solution tailored to the plant’s specific needs. The permanent solution aimed to not only enhance production efficiency but also align with Nestlé’s sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy consumption.

Benefits Achieved

Enhanced Production Efficiency: The interim rental chiller provided immediate relief to Nestlé’s production processes, ensuring product quality and consistency were maintained without interruptions.

Sustainability: The turnkey chiller solution, currently in development, is strategically designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions and decrease energy consumption. This aligns perfectly with Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Operational Continuity: Nestlé’s production remained unaffected during the transition from the interim rental solution to the new permanent turnkey chiller solution, showcasing Newsome’s ability to seamlessly integrate solutions into ongoing operations.


Newsome’s collaboration with Nestlé’s Dalston plant highlights the importance of strategic and flexible cooling solutions in maintaining production quality, efficiency, and sustainability in large-scale industrial operations. By providing both interim rental and permanent turnkey solutions, Newsome has demonstrated its commitment to understanding and meeting client needs while contributing to the larger goal of environmental responsibility. As Nestlé continues to evolve and innovate, Newsome’s partnership remains a crucial element in ensuring operational excellence.