temperature control solution for food industry factory

Milk Reception Cooling Upgrade

‘Out with the old and in with the new’

Food and Beverage Company: Beverage Department – Cumbria.

Project: Milk Reception cooling upgrade.

The client had been experiencing difficulties with their milk reception facility for several years. They had only been achieving the low design process set point temperature for their fresh milk deliveries and storage. Despite the milk being passed through their milk reception heat exchangers, temperatures were not to either the client’s or their customers’ specifications. After Newsome’s investigations and subsequent calculations, it became clear that there were various issues with the process cooling pipework design, as well as inefficient plant items nearing end of life. Newsome Ltd was contracted to design and build an improved and efficient heat exchange skid and redesign and replace process pipework and control items, all of which were replaced, installed, and commissioned efficiently within a planned four-day factory shutdown.

As a result of the expert-led upgrade, milk is now being successfully processed at the temperature setpoint and the client is delighted with the quality of the installation.