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Industrial and commercial energy-efficient Cooling Towers available to buy from Newsome – experts in process cooling, comfort cooling, and temperature control solutions in the UK.

Cooling towers are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to refrigerant-based air conditioning systems for comfort cooling and process cooling applications such as manufacturing, food and drink processing, or office cooling, so if you are planning on buying cooling towers for your business, then talk to us here at Newsome.

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      Advanced Cooling Towers for HVAC and Industrial Applications

      Cooling towers are primarily used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and industrial purposes. Our technical team members are experts in providing industrial and commercial temperature control solutions, especially process cooling, air con and evaporate cooling equipment. Our knowledge covers everything to do with commercial heating and cooling solutions including the latest cooling tower technology for UK businesses across most industry sectors. Based on over 40 years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry, we can advise on the best cooling towers for your factory or office building based on size, required cooling capacity, equipment requiring chilling, or the usage of the space requiring cooling.

      What are cooling towers and how do they work?

      There are two main types of cooling towers – natural draft and mechanical draft. Natural draft cooling towers use the natural convection of air to cool the water, while mechanical draft cooling towers use fans to draw air through the tower and over the water.

      Cooling towers are an important part of many industrial processes because they help to maintain a stable temperature for machinery and equipment. They are also used to make sure that certain chemical reactions can take place at the right temperature. Additionally, cooling towers help to conserve water by recycling the same water over and over again.

      Overall, cooling towers are an essential part of many industrial processes. They help to keep machinery and equipment running smoothly, and they help to conserve water. If you are interested in learning more about the Newsome range of cooling towers, contact us today.

      With Newsome’s chillers, you can be confident that your processes will run seamlessly and reliably, as our cooling solutions are engineered to deliver unwavering accuracy. We understand that every industrial operation is unique, with distinct requirements. That’s why our industrial chiller range offers a diverse array of models and configurations, catering to a wide spectrum of needs.

      From compact units ideal for space-constrained settings to high-capacity systems tailored for heavy-duty applications, Newsome has the perfect chiller solution waiting to meet your specific demands. Durability lies at the core of our industrial chiller range. Assembled using the most reliable components and subjected to rigorous testing, our chillers are purpose-built to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments. Count on our chillers to perform consistently, ensuring uninterrupted cooling for your critical processes and applications.

      Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and performance with Newsome’s advanced industrial chiller range. We’re not just redefining cooling; we’re elevating it to new heights, delivering the excellence and precision that your industrial operations demand. When you choose Newsome, you’re choosing a partner that’s dedicated to ensuring your success through cutting-edge cooling solutions.

      Benefits of Cooling Towers

      Cooling towers create an efficient cooling system with continuous cooling of circulated water making the plant run smoothly. Water is recirculated again and again to ensure that the system is clean and works at full capacity.

      • Less Maintenance: cooling towers require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts to other chiller systems and utilise corrosion-resistant parts with high tensile strength, meaning maintenance requirement is reduced.
      • Life of System: the life of the system and equipment is increased as the cooling tower runs continuously, even in challenging weather conditions.
      • Less Energy Consumption: cooling towers use less energy than refrigerant-based cooling systems with low-speed motors optimising the efficiency of the evaporation process.
      • Cooling towers can save water: using an effective drift eliminator system and air intake louvres, cooling towers can save large volumes of water.

      Cooling Towers – energy-efficient industrial cooling solutions

      Here at Newsome, we understand the cooling needs of our commercial clients, the performance demands, and the financial and efficiency benefits of both buying or renting a cooling tower from us.  We sell (as well as rent) a broad commercial range of cooling towers able to provide more energy-efficient cooling solutions for your industrial/manufacturing business. We provide a range of cooling towers which operate by utilising the principles of latent heat of evaporation and in so doing can provide free cooling as a concept.

      You can contact our team anytime and get the best technical advice available, covering all aspects of cooling tower equipment and the advantages of cooling towers as an efficient alternative cooling solution.

      Get in touch with our experts

      Cooling Towers – expert advice on sales

      Whether you’re looking to replace existing less efficient cooling towers or are looking for cost-effective cooling solutions to remove unwanted heat from your processes, then we are always here to help. Our specialist team will guide you through the specification and procurement process surrounding the purchase of new cooling towers.

      With our extensive experience in supplying evaporative coolers and commercial cooling tower systems to UK manufacturing businesses, we can help you to optimise cooling performance and reduce, as much as possible, ongoing operational costs and carbon emissions.

      Why choose Newsome as your cooling towers sales partner?

      With over 40 years of experience providing cooling towers for sale or to rent, if you are considering hiring or buying some of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling towers in the UK, then you have certainly come to the right place. We are here to help; we have the experience, knowledge, and cooling tower equipment you need, ready to deliver on-site when needed. Whether it’s a short-term cooling tower rental, or you are looking to purchase cooling towers outright, make sure your next commercial cooling towers hire project or purchase is delivered by Newsome.

      • Our fleet of modern industrialcooling towers equipment is available to buy via our sales team, or hire, and provides reliable, quiet operation and low running costs.
      • Our comprehensive range ofcooling towerss provides solutions for many cooling applications and sizes of facilities available throughout the UK.
      • We have been providing specialist advice, equipment sales, hire, and maintenance services in temperature and humidity control includingcooling towers sales for over 40 years from our head office facility here in West Yorkshire.
      • Allcooling towerss are fully tested before sales, hire, and dispatch to ensure the equipment works perfectly when it arrives on-site, with minimal installation time required.
      • With our full turnkey solutions from in-house technical design and QHSE teams to installation, commissioning, maintenance, and contingency plans, we can provide a complete solution – ensuring your temperature control is efficient and cost-effective for reduced cycle times, energy costs, and increased product quality.
      • Our flexible approach and substantial stock availability enable us to providecooling towerss for hire across factories, industrial sites, and multi-site facilities.
      • Newsome provides 24/7 technical support, which ensures our hire and sales equipment keeps operating and remains in tip-top working condition throughout your chosen rental period or equipment lifecycle.
      • If you are unsure of yourcooling towers requirements, one of our experienced engineering staff can visit you on-site to carry out a site survey and make a recommendation on the correctcooling towers unit that will meet your needs.
      • Newsome’s knowledgeablecooling towers hire and maintenance support team can advise you on how to get the perfect chiller solution for your business needs.
      • We offer very competitive hire rates and flexible hire periods (including try-before-you-buy on some of our equipment) to suit the temperature control demands of your business.
      • We are very competitively priced for allcooling towers sales and hire contracts.