Temperature and Humidity Hire Solutions

Our hire team understand the importance of both urgent & planned provision of hire equipment for Process Temperature Control & HVAC solutions. Available 24 Hours – 365 Days a year.

Newsome have invested in new ERP 2021 compliant industrial chillers, boilers, heaters and dehumidifiers which are maintained to the highest industry standards ensuring all equipment is reliable, efficient and available for immediate delivery.

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    Quick Enquiry

      A Guide to Chiller Hire

      There are two well-known industrial chillers – water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers.

      They share similarities in how they cool industrial fluids, but what sets them apart is how the systems emit the heat which is extracted.

      They also share the same essential foundations and components including the compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve.

      Each system offers its own advantages – this guide will help you decide which one is best suited to your business needs.

      Cooling Hire

      Operating with both packaged & unpackaged chillers to suit all customer needs & applications the Newsome rental team offer full turnkey installation support 24/7 for industrial chiller hire.

      Our rental fleet contains industrial chillers & ambient coolers ranging from 5kW up to 1mW in cooling capacity.

      The fleet contains the most modern energy-efficient chillers available in the market and in all cases, meets ERP 2021 standards.

      All Newsome chillers go through rigorous testing upon return to base, to ensure the optimisation of operating performance & efficiency as well as ensuring full F-Gas compliance. So you can rest assured that our chiller hire products are maintained to the best quality and highest possible standards.

      Humidity Control Hire

      The Newsome hire team have worked exclusively with the technical team at DST Humidity Control to develop & produce a wide product portfolio of industrial dehumidifiers, suitable for many applications for humidity control across both the manufacturing & commercial sectors.

      DST Humidity Control and the Newsome expert team, have over 45 years of experience in providing dehumidification solutions in the UK.

      Heating Hire

      The Newsome rental heating fleet contains units with up to 2MW of capacity, offering temperatures of 90°C for industrial & commercial applications.

      Additionally, Newsome hires single and dual-circuit boilers to businesses, making our units suitable for providing heating and hot water simultaneously. For speed of installation, our fleet of boilers are self-contained which also aids manoeuvrability.

      Our hire service technicians offer turnkey installation of our boilers & all carry the appropriate Gas Safe accreditations.

      In addition to boilers, Newsome offers portable heaters such as fan heaters, IDF heaters & radiators all available on short or long term hire.

      Service & Maintenance

      We deliver temperature and humidity control equipment service & maintenance solutions, across a range of commercial and industrial clients covering heating, cooling, process chilling, and moisture control equipment.