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The benefits of hiring a portable air conditioning unit for your office this summer:
As businesses grow, it’s crucial to keep employees comfortable and productive. One way to achieve this is by providing an air-conditioned office environment. Air conditioning systems not only cool the workplace but also come with several benefits that impact your business positively.

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    Quick Enquiry

      Office Air Conditioner Hire & Rental

      It doesn’t matter what the size of the office space is that you are looking to cool, here at Newsome we have a range of portable office air conditioners including a range of portable office evaporative coolers suitable to hire at some of the most competitive air conditioner hire prices anywhere in the UK. Contact us today for up-to-date rental availability and the latest hire prices. Rent your air conditioner from the industry experts and get the cooling solution your office needs right now, delivered directly to your office anywhere in the UK.

      The Newsome team are specialists in supplying air conditioner hire services throughout the UK to offices of all sizes and configurations. We provide a range of portable air-con units and evaporative coolers for hire up to 135kW and our latest industrial chillers are available for larger commercial applications when used in conjunction with our air handler and fan coil units. If you contact us today, we could have a portable air-conditioning solution up and running in your office as soon as tomorrow.

      Why choose Newsome for your office air conditioning hire needs

      • Our fleet of modern office air conditioner hire equipment provides high-performance cooling, with reliable, quiet operation and low running costs.
      • Our comprehensive range of office air conditioner hire equipment provides cost-effective rental solutions for every application, size of the office, and hire period.
      • We have been providing specialist advice, equipment sales, hire, and maintenance services in temperature and humidity control for almost 50 years.
      • All our air conditioner systems we hire are easy to use, manoeuvre, and operate, and require no specialist air conditioner operational knowledge.
      • All air conditioner equipment is fully tested before hire and dispatch to your offices to ensure it works perfectly when it arrives on site.
      • Newsome provides 24/7 support for our air conditioner hire clients, which ensures our rental equipment keeps operating and remains in tip-top working condition throughout your chosen hire period.
      • If you are unsure of your air conditioner requirements, one of our experienced engineering staff can visit your offices and carry out a site survey and make a recommendation on the correct air conditioner equipment you need to hire to meet your needs.
      • Newsome’s knowledgeable air conditioner hire and maintenance support team provides advice to ensure you get the perfect air conditioning solution for your office needs.
      • We offer very competitive hire rates and flexible hire periods (including try before you buy) to suit the demands of your business

      Where we cover

      Here at Newsome, we provide office air conditioning for hire across the UK supported by our nationwide sales, maintenance, and support teams. Our headquarters are based in Elland, West Yorkshire close to Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax, and Bradford and midway between Manchester and Leeds. From here, we have easy access to all the major towns and cities across the north of England including Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool, and Lancaster in Lancashire as well as Sheffield, York, Hull, and Doncaster in Yorkshire. We have a large number of clients based in the industrial cities and towns in the North West and Wirral including Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan, and Bolton.

      Our sales office in Wallsend supports clients in the North East including Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough with access to Carlisle and up to Scotland including the major industrial areas of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

      Cities in the Midlands including Stoke, Coventry, Leicester, Burton, Derby, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, and Northampton and across to Peterborough are all supported by our sales and maintenance teams working from our division in Birmingham.

      Clients in the South and South West of England including those in Bristol, Reading, Milton Keynes, Swindon, Oxford, Luton, and Cambridge are all looked after by our South of England support team.

      So, from Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland to Carlisle, Barrow, Workington, and Whitehaven in Cumbria and down to Bristol and Cardiff and across to Ipswich, if you are looking to hire air conditioning for your office in the UK, then speak to us here at Newsome first for the best equipment, best service, and best rental value.

      The benefits of hiring a portable air conditioning unit for your office this summer

      The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have also advised that employers should investigate temperatures if a certain threshold of complaints from employees are received by the employer. For example, in non-air conditioned offices, 15% of the staff should complain before an investigation into workplace temperature is commenced, again this can be avoided by the swift deployment of portable air conditioning units in the worst affected parts of the office.

      Over and above any perceived legal requirements or health and safety compliance, having air conditioning installed in your office (either permanently or through a temporary hire) has many benefits which could ultimately lead to increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, and overall increased profitability.

      Get in touch with our experts

      A portable air conditioner can improve air quality

      Air conditioning systems help filter the air by removing pollutants, allergens, and dust particles from the air, providing clean and fresh air. This is especially important for employees who may have allergies or respiratory problems, improving the overall health of the workforce.

      Portable air conditioners can reduce humidity levels

      In addition to reducing the temperature, air conditioning systems also control the humidity levels, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. High humidity levels can be uncomfortable and lead to health issues, such as respiratory problems and allergies.

      Air conditioning can increase productivity

      Research has shown that employees work better in a comfortable environment, and an air-conditioned office is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. Employees tend to be more productive when they are in a comfortable environment, leading to better results for the company.

      Air conditioning in the office provides better health and comfort

      An air-conditioned office provides a comfortable environment, leading to better health and well-being for employees. Employees who are comfortable at work tend to be more satisfied with their jobs, leading to better mental and physical health.

      Hiring air conditioning is a cost-effective solution

      Air conditioning systems are a cost-effective solution to keep employees comfortable, which in turn, improves their productivity. A well-maintained air conditioning system can last for many years, saving the business money in the long run whilst short-term hire can be a very low-cost instant solution.

      Office air-conditioning can lead to better sleep and work-life balance

      Employees who work in an air-conditioned office can get better sleep, leading to a better work/life balance. The ability to get a good night’s sleep is essential for employees to function at their best, leading to better work results.

      Air conditioning can also enhance technology performance

      Electronics, such as computers and servers, are sensitive to temperature changes, and an air-conditioned office helps maintain a consistent temperature, improving their performance and longevity.

      Aesthetic appeal

      Air conditioning systems and portable air conditioner units available to rent from Newsome come in various designs and styles, making it possible to have a system that complements the office decor, enhancing the office’s aesthetic appeal.

      Air conditioning reduces the risk of heat-related health issues

      An air-conditioned office reduces the risk of heat-related health issues, such as dehydration, heatstroke, and heat exhaustion. By keeping employees comfortable, a portable or permanently installed air conditioning system can prevent these issues from arising.

      An air-conditioned office can lead to increased morale and employee retention

      Employees who are comfortable and satisfied at work are more likely to stay with the company, leading to higher employee retention rates. Air conditioning systems contribute to employee comfort, leading to higher employee morale and loyalty.

      Portable Air Conditioning Hire for your office

      The Newsome range of portable air conditioner units is available for hire and is perfect for providing comfortable cooling in offices of every size.

      The Newsome PAC – P 9.0 air conditioner not only provides 9kW of cooling, but it also delivers air conditioning with today’s environmentally conscious user in mind. High-efficiency EC fan technology is used to improve fan performance whilst the new low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant is 95% less harmful than traditional types of refrigerants, ensuring maximum air conditioner hire performance with minimal environmental impact.

      The Newsome PAC – S Range air conditioner is another high performer providing 7.3kW of air conditioning without the need for ducting. This makes the PAC – S an ideal hire solution for use in data centres, especially as the main air conditioner unit and outdoor section can be up to 35M apart. With digital thermostatic control, twin louvre directional, and variable speed control, the PAC – S can have its air delivery tailored to suit a range of needs, while a status panel lets you know what the unit is doing at a glance. Low-temperature operation is also included as standard.  With all this in mind, the PAC- S range has reset the standard for portable air conditioner hire in the UK.

      Office air conditioner hire when and where you need it

      Newsome holds extensive stock at our recently acquired 30,000-square-foot facility in Elland, which is available for hire with same-day, 24/7 delivery throughout the year. Our highly acclaimed customer support service ensures that you get the air-con equipment you need, where you need it, when you need it, and specified to the exact requirements. Our engineers will handle the air conditioner installation, delivery, and maintenance throughout the chosen hire period, under one competitive and easy-to-manage monthly hire fee.

      No matter what the hiring requirement, here at Newsome, we are confident you’ll find the air conditioner hire solution that you need for your office or communal areas, and our expert air conditioner engineers are available at the end of the phone or e-mail to provide the help and assistance you need to make the right hire choice for the space you have.

      Newsome has extensive commercial engineering experience and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of air conditioner hire, process temperature control and HVAC solutions providing cooling, dehumidifiers, and temperature control, equipment for hire across the UK, where and when you need it most.

      Formed in 1973 by George Newsome, the company now provides advice, equipment, and services to the plastics, food and beverage, chemical, and medical industries supplying temporary air conditioning, cooling, and moisture control solutions around the country. Our clients include many well-known companies such as A-Safe, Meadowhall, BASF, Nestle, McVities and Greencore in addition to many SMEs located across the UK.  Our technical sales, service, and hire teams are located close to the main motorway networks so we can deliver a fast response to your individual air conditioner hire needs right across the UK thanks to our network of nationwide support partners, all at very short notice.