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Professional process cooling, commercial chillers, industrial heating, dehumidification, and temperature control solutions for UK manufacturers in the Metal Works Sector.

Metal production and processing are energy-intensive industries. Here at Newsome, we understand the criticality of delivering precise humidity and temperature control to your metal working process and how critical energy efficiency is to your business’s health and ongoing success.

Many metal production and processing businesses use a great deal of energy and are thus under immense financial pressure as energy costs rise. One way to mitigate these rising costs is to implement heat recovery (free heating). Heat recovery is a process where you redirect and use heat that would otherwise be vented outside and lost. You can use the recovered heat to preheat water for boilers or heat the workplace, thus reducing the costs of providing this secondary heat.

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    Heat recovery has huge financial benefits and a recent report discovered that on average, metal manufacturing businesses that recover heat found they spent less than £30,000 on implementation, saved more than £8,500 annually, took less than 4 years to pay back and saved almost 46 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

    Expert HVAC Solutions for the Metalworking and Manufacturing Industries Since 1973

    Formed in 1973 by George Newsome, the company now provides consultancy, equipment, and maintenance services to many metal working, engineering, and manufacturing companies based in the UK. Our areas of expertise cover every aspect of industrial process cooling, the supply of commercial process chillers, heaters, boilers, and dehumidifiers, alongside comfort cooling for offices and buildings.

    We have become experts in exploring new technologies, bringing these to market and developing the free cooling and free heating concepts to help metal works clients reduce their operational costs and reduce as much as possible their carbon emissions associated with temperature control in the metal working and production sectors.

    Recent examples where we have solved process cooling and temperature control problems for companies in the metal works industry include when a factory needed a new low-temperature cooling system. However, it was critical that they continued to operate effectively. To ensure zero downtime, we put a rental hybrid system in place while the old system was replaced with more energy-efficient equipment. Our team worked closely with their onsite engineering team throughout to facilitate a smooth transition at every stage – from specification to installation and the commissioning of the new unit.

    Efficient HVAC Upgrades for the Automotive Sector

    Another successful project delivered was for a client operating within the automotive sector with a keen eye on sustainability and efficiency. They needed to upgrade their existing heating and cooling circuits which supported their manufacturing process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    The existing 20-year-old circuit consisted of a chiller to provide the cooling and a heat recovery section incorporated into the chiller to support the heating requirement, although this didn’t provide the optimum solution to support the manufacturer’s needs as the chiller was often in operation to provide heating only.

    Newsome designed and delivered a personalised solution incorporating a 2 off 4 pipe heat cool unit which not only improved the system’s reliability and allowed the provision of heating and cooling independently when required, but also meant heat recovery could take place when in cooling mode and improve the total system efficiency.

    Nationwide HVAC Services for Metalworking, Engineering, and Manufacturing Industries

    Our clients include many well-known metal working, engineering, and manufacturing companies across a broad spectrum of industries including companies such as A-Safe, Meadowhall, BASF, Nestle, McVities, and Greencore, in addition to many SMEs located nationwide.  Our technical sales, service, and hire teams are located close to the main motorway networks so we can deliver a fast response to your individual chiller, heating, dehumidification, or air con needs right across the UK, thanks to our network of nationwide support partners.  All this is available at very short notice when required.

    To discover more about our range of industrial heating, cooling, and drying equipment sales and hire services, or to find out how free cooling and heat recovery could form part of your temperature control strategy, contact Newsome today on 01422 371 711.

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