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Packaged Industrial Process Chillers available to buy from Newsome – Experts in temperature control solutions.

If you are looking to purchase an industrial packaged process chiller for your business, then you should get the advice of industry experts. Here at Newsome, we understand process manufacturing, the demands placed on industrial process chillers, and the benefits of both buying or renting a packaged chiller solution.

You can contact us anytime and get the best technical advice possible, covering all aspects of process cooling equipment and the advantages of packaged chillers for your business needs.

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Packaged Chillers – expert advice on Sales.

Whether you’re looking to upscale food production capacity, replace existing outdated process chillers, or are looking for more energy-efficient and cost-effective chiller solutions,  we are here to guide you through the specification and purchasing process. We can help with the survey, feasibility, specification, design, and supply of the right packaged chillers for your manufacturing and industrial process to help you optimise cooling performance and reduce as much as possible ongoing operational costs and carbon emissions.

From small, one-site family-run businesses, to global chemical manufacturers, our breadth of application expertise covering everything to do with temperature control, and knowledge of the latest process packaged chillers and process cooling solutions, will ensure your production process is efficient and optimised.

What are Packaged Chillers?

Packaged chillers are refrigeration systems that provide cooling for industrial processes or buildings. They are designed to be installed outdoors or indoors and typically consist of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other components. Packaged chillers are available in different sizes, ranging from small, air-cooled units to large, water-cooled units, and they can use various types of refrigerants.

There are several types of packaged chillers, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condenser units. Air-cooled packaged chillers are typically used in smaller applications where water is difficult to access. Water-cooled packaged chillers are more efficient and are typically used in larger applications. Remote condenser units are designed to be installed outside the building and use a separate condenser unit to reject heat.

Packaged Chillers are available from Newsome.

Here at Newsome, we can provide a complete range of packaged chiller options to perfectly match and complement your business needs. These include industrial packaged chillers and air-cooled comfort chillers that provide cooling only, air-cooled, reverse cycle, comfort chillers that provide both heating and cooling, water-cooled comfort chillers that provide cooling only, water-cooled, reverse cycle, comfort chillers that provide both heating and cooling, air-cooled simultaneous heating and cooling comfort chillers that are able to provide both heating and cooling simultaneously, air-cooled high-temperature process chillers, and water-cooled high-temperature process chillers. Whatever solution you need, talk to us and we can provide the equipment you need, either for sale or to rent.

Applications of Packaged Chillers

Packaged chillers are used in a wide range of applications, including, food processing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, data centres, HVAC and more. They are ideal for large-scale cooling applications where precise temperature control is required. Packaged chillers are also used in industrial processes where cooling is necessary to maintain the quality of the products being produced.

Packaged Chillers

WRA ERP Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

WRA ERP Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Benefits of Packaged Chillers

Packaged chillers offer several benefits over traditional cooling systems. They are easy to install, operate, and maintain, and they require less space than other types of cooling systems. They are also energy-efficient and can help reduce energy costs. Packaged chillers can be customised to meet specific cooling requirements, and they offer precise temperature control, which is essential for many industrial applications. In conclusion, packaged chillers are essential for a wide range of applications, and they offer several benefits over traditional cooling systems. They are available in different types and sizes, and they can be customised to meet specific cooling requirements. If you are looking for a reliable and energy-efficient cooling system, packaged chillers are an excellent choice.

Why choose Newsome as your Packaged Process Chiller Sales Partner?

With over 50 years of experience providing packaged chillers for sale or to rent, if you are considering hiring or buying some of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective packaged chillers in the UK, then you have certainly come to the right place. We are here to help; we have the experience, knowledge, and packaged chiller equipment you need, ready to deliver to you on-site when you need it. Whether it’s a short-term packaged chiller rental to cover a breakdown to an existing chiller system, to provide additional process chiller capacity to cover peak demand, or you are looking to hire a packaged chiller to cover planned annual maintenance, make sure your next industrial process packages chiller hire project or purchase is delivered by Newsome.

  • Our fleet of modern industrial packaged chiller equipment available to buy via our sales team or hire provides reliable, quiet operation and low running costs.
  • Our comprehensive range of packaged chillers provides solutions for every process cooling application, size of the facility, and hire period throughout the UK.
  • We have been providing specialist advice, equipment sales, hire, and maintenance services in temperature and humidity control including packaged process chiller sales for almost 50 years from our head office facility here in West Yorkshire.
  • All packaged process chillers are fully tested before sales, hire, and dispatch to ensure the equipment works perfectly when it arrives on-site with minimal installation time required.
  • Our flexible approach and substantial stock availability enable us to provide industrial packaged process chillers for hire across factories, industrial sites, and multi-site facilities.
  • Newsome provides 24/7 support for our industrial packaged chiller clients, which ensures our hire and sales equipment keeps operating and remains in tip-top working condition throughout your chosen rental period or equipment lifecycle.
  • If you are unsure of your industrial packaged chiller requirements, one of our experienced engineering staff can visit you on-site to carry out a site survey and make a recommendation on the correct packaged chillers that will meet your needs.
  • Newsome’s knowledgeable industrial packaged chiller hire, and maintenance support team can advise you on how to get the perfect packaged chiller solution for your business needs.
  • We offer very competitive hire rates and flexible hire periods (including try-before-you-buy on some of our equipment) to suit the temperature control demands of your business.
  • We are very competitively priced for all packaged chiller sales and hire contacts.