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Our product portfolio consists of a wide range of products to suit all applications. Including Industrial Chillers, Industrial Heating, Industrial Dehumidifiers and personalised HVAC solutions.

In stock we have a range of ERP compliant industrial chillers, industrial dehumidifiers and industrial heating products available for immediate delivery.

We can provide individual products or a fully packaged solution, taking into consideration energy efficiency and understanding different budget requirements for all of our customers.

Our experienced Technical Sales Engineers work in collaboration with our customers from conception through to commissioning providing personalised solutions to suit your individual business needs.

temperature control
Process Cooling & Industrial Chillers
Chillers & Ambient Coolers

We have packaged energy-efficient ERP-rated industrial chillers complete with integral pumps & tanks in stock, alongside our unpackaged industrial chillers & air conditioning chillers.

All Newsome chillers go through rigorous end of line testing, to ensure their maximum integrity and performance.

In addition to our chillers, Newsome offers support on added value products such as free coolers, dry air coolers & adiabatic coolers all of which can be used to improve system efficiencies & reduce energy consumption. We also have a range of portable air conditioning units available for sales and hire.

Free cooling in particular can reduce chiller system energy consumption by up to 80% by harnessing the cooler ambient air temperatures when available to provide partial or full free cooling, return on investments can be seen in as little as 12 months.


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factory ventilation
Application / Solution
HVAC & Refrigeration

Newsome has expertise in a wide range of industrial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration applications, from small office areas to large industrial production facilities and from simple tempered air installations to close control laboratory conditions.

In the past air conditioning was considered to be something of a luxury, however, today’s businesses regard it as a necessity with proven results of increased productivity and comfort.

We can offer a tailored solution, dependent on your business requirements using our HVAC industry experts. We can 3d model your environment in order for you to visualise the results of your optimised fully air-conditioned area. To find out more contact us.

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Chiller hire and rental
Industrial Dehumidifiers
Humidity Control

We have a wide range of industrial dehumidifiers available for quick delivery and can provide turnkey solutions for businesses. We source our desiccant dehumidifiers from DST Humidity Control and have over 45 years of experience in providing dehumidification solutions to the UK market.


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