Adiabatic Coolers

Industrial and commercial energy-efficient adiabatic coolers and chillers are available to buy from Newsome – experts in temperature control solutions in the UK.

If you are planning to buy an adiabatic cooler for your company, then talk to us here at Newsome. Our technical HVAC team members are experts in providing industrial and commercial temperature control solutions for UK businesses in most sectors including manufacturing, food and drink production, warehousing, distribution, data centres, and leisure facilities to name but a few. Based on over 40 years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry, we can advise on the best process or adiabatic coolers for your manufacturing, process, or commercial business needs.

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Adiabatic coolers – energy-efficient cooling solutions

Here at Newsome, we understand the cooling needs of our commercial and industrial clients, the performance demands placed on commercial coolers and chillers, and the financial and efficiency benefits of both buying or renting an industrial adiabatic cooler from us.  We sell (as well as rent) a broad industrial range of adiabatic coolers able to provide more energy-efficient cooling solutions for your business.

We provide a range of adiabatic coolers which operate by removing unwanted heat by evaporating water in a stream of warm, dry (low humidity) air. In the process of going from a liquid to a gas, the water absorbs energy in the form of heat to convert it from liquid to gas without a change in temperature. The evaporated water simultaneously humidifies and cools the air stream to within a few degrees of the temperature read by a thermometer covered in water-soaked cloth.

You can contact our team anytime and get the best technical advice available, covering all aspects of adiabatic cooling equipment and the advantages of adiabatic chillers as an efficient alternative cooling solution.

Adiabatic coolers

As the HVAC industry strives to reduce energy consumption, adiabatic coolers are becoming a more common cooling solution and adiabatic coolers are changing the cooling industry significantly by reducing water and power consumption whilst being up to 75% more cost-effective than a cooling tower.

Adiabatic coolers provide a modern, efficient alternative to traditional cooling towers, delivering impressive energy and water savings as well as significantly lower maintenance and OPEX. Adiabatic coolers provide a low-risk alternative to hybrid and traditional cooling towers; features of adiabatic coolers include UV sterilisation systems which come as standard in the units and have been developed in conjunction with the advice given by the British Health & Safety Executive to reduce the risks of water contamination.

Adiabatic cooling is the process of cooling through a change in air pressure created by volume expansion.  Working in ‘wet’ mode for typically only 3% of the year, adiabatic cooling systems only use around 1% of the water consumed in traditional cooling towers and as little as 2% of that used by wetted surface hybrid dry coolers. Adiabatic coolers automatically spray, purge, drain down, and UV sterilise when required – water is only evaporated/ consumed when dry cooling alone can no longer achieve the required water temperature.

Adiabatic coolers – expert advice on sales.

Whether you’re looking to ramp up your existing cooling capacity, replace existing less efficient coolers, or are looking for cost-effective cooling solutions to remove unwanted heat from your company operations, then Newsome is here to help. Our specialist team will guide you through the specification and procurement process surrounding the purchase of a new adiabatic cooler. We can provide the site survey, project feasibility, equipment specification, system design, the adiabatic cooler units and ongoing technical support. With our extensive experience in supplying adiabatic coolers to UK processing, manufacturing, and other major commercial sectors, we can help you to optimise cooling performance and reduce, as much as possible, ongoing operational costs and carbon emissions.

An adiabatic cooler solution for every business type and size

From medium-sized, single-site family-run storage, warehousing, and distribution businesses, to global automotive manufacturers, our breadth of experience and application expertise covering everything to do with adiabatic cooling, temperature control, and knowledge of the latest adiabatic coolers and chillers, will ensure your business will benefit from the latest technology in energy efficient cooling solutions helping you to reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, and maximise productivity.

Why choose Newsome as your adiabatic cooler sales partner?

With over 40 years of experience providing adiabatic coolers for sale or to rent, if you are considering hiring or buying some of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective adiabatic coolers in the UK, then you have certainly come to the right place. We are here to help; we have the experience, knowledge, and adiabatic cooler equipment you need, ready to deliver to you on-site when you need it. Whether it’s a short-term adiabatic cooler rental to cover a breakdown to an existing chiller system, or you are looking to purchase an adiabatic chiller, make sure your next industrial adiabatic cooler hire project or purchase is delivered by Newsome.

  • Our fleet of modern industrial adiabatic chiller equipment is available to buy via our sales team, or hire, and provides reliable, quiet operation and low running costs.
  • Our comprehensive range of adiabatic coolers provides solutions for many cooling applications and sizes of facilities available throughout the UK.
  • We have been providing specialist advice, equipment sales, hire, and maintenance services in temperature and humidity control including adiabatic cooler and chiller sales for over 40 years from our head office facility here in West Yorkshire.
  • All adiabatic coolers and adiabatic chillers are fully tested before sale, hire, and dispatch to ensure the equipment works perfectly when it arrives on-site with minimal installation time required.
  • Our flexible approach and substantial stock availability enable us to provide adiabatic coolers for hire across factories, industrial sites, and multi-site facilities.
  • Newsome provides 24/7 support for our clients, which ensures our hire and sales equipment keeps operating and remains in tip-top working condition throughout your chosen rental period or equipment lifecycle.
  • If you are unsure of your adiabatic cooler requirements, one of our experienced engineering staff can visit you on-site to carry out a site survey and make a recommendation on the correct adiabatic cooler unit that will meet your needs.
  • Newsome’s knowledgeable adiabatic cooler hire, and maintenance support team can advise you on how to get the perfect chiller solution for your business needs.
  • We offer very competitive hire rates and flexible hire periods (including try-before-you-buy on some of our equipment) to suit the temperature control demands of your business.
  • We are very competitively priced for all adiabatic cooler sales and hire contracts.