WSA ERP Air Cooled Screw Chiller 376-1300kW

WSA ERP Air Cooled Screw Chiller 376-1300kW

Air Cooled Industrial Liquid Chiller

Liquid chillers designed for process cooling 24/7, 365 days a year, air cooled with two refrigerant circuits and screw compressors optimized for the use of the environmentally friendly refrigerants R1234ze & R513A, dry expansion shell and tube evaporator and cooling capacity from 480 kW to 1627 kW.

Cosmotec experience in process cooling has led to the development of this range of industrial chillers capable of meeting the wide operating limits (both ambient and user side) required by the new technologies used for energy saving.

All chillers in the WSA range are characterized by high levels of energy efficiency (Class A or B) and comply with the limits required by the 2009/125/EC Ecodesign ErP 2021 Directive.

Key Features
  • Structure
    • Zinc plated steel load-bearing structure
    • Outdoor installation
    • Epoxy painting
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Supporting plates for handling
    • Holes for Anti-vibration mount springs
  • Refrigerant Circuit
    • Air condensed- 2 circuits
    • Semi-hermetic screw compressors
    • Ecological refrigerant gas R513A & R1234ze
    • Micro Channel condenser coils with W-shaped geometry
    • Shell and tube evaporator
    • Electronic expansion valve
  • Hydraulic circuit
    • Standard equipment with evaporator only
    • Fluid: water and antifreeze
    • Ferrous circuit
    • Pump / pumps (optional)
    • Pump / pumps with inverter (optional)
    • Free Cooling (optional)
  • Electrical Circuit
    • Electrical panel for outdoor installation, IP54
    • Main switch with door lock
    • Touch screen display for electronic control
    • Three-phase power supply 400V/50Hz 460V/60Hz
    • Sequencing (master/slave)/ ModBus RS485 / Ethernet RJ45
  • Capacity Range 376kW - 1.3mW

    The integrated Free Cooling version available for the WSA range also allows for significant energy savings, especially when installed in areas with cold or temperate climates.

    Available also in Low Noise version, ideal for installations near residential areas, our units maintain high performance and high energy savings, ensuring low noise.

    The HT version is designed for applications with high temperature water (up to +25°C) and includes screw compressors with oversized motor.

    The Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) optimizes temperature and pressure of gas evaporation, increasing the efficiency at partial loads on the user side and helping to extend the operating range of the unit.

    The Microchannel condensers are entirely made of aluminium and expressly designed to maximize the performance of the chiller, they allow to reduce the overall dimensions and to minimize the refrigerant charge. For a better resistance to corrosion, the e-coating protective treatment is available (option).

  • Free Cooling for Energy Savings

    WSA chillers are available in an integrated Free Cooling version, which allows for significant energy savings, especially in applications requiring high cooling fluid temperatures (plastics, data centers) and installation in areas with cold or temperate climates.

    By exploiting the external air to cool the fluid, the Free Cooling system can even replace the cooling circuit entirely, thus allowing the deactivation of the compressors.

    Depending on the climatic conditions, the WSA chiller will use the most suitable operating mode between:

    • Compressor Mode (DX): the user’s thermal load is met by the refrigerant circuit.
    • Mix Mode: reduces energy consumption by exchanging part of the thermal heat with the ambient air. This solution partializes the operation of the compressors, as they only have to produce the missing part of the cooling capacity.
    • Total Free Cooling: with low external air temperatures, the fluid is completely cooled by the ambient air. Energy consumption is minimized thanks to the operation of only the variable speed fans and the partializing valves.