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Looking for a reliable industrial air conditioning system  for your business and a trustworthy company to help with the supply, installation, service and maintenance? Then look no further than Newsome! As temperatures rise, industrial air conditioning becomes more important than ever to the successful performance of businesses and the comfort of staff and customers, but with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which industrial air conditioning solution is best for you. Here at Newsome , we will guide you through the design and specification process to ensure you get the right industrial  air-conditioning equipment for your business, either as an outright purchase or as part of an air-con hire or rental agreement.

At Newsome, we offer a wide range of the latest industrial air conditioning equipment for sale and rent, designed specifically for industrial and commercial use. Our products are built to withstand even the toughest conditions and provide efficient and effective cooling for your space, staff, customers, and visitors.

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Why choose Newsome for your Industrial air conditioning systems

When considering your industrial air conditioning system needs, Newsome stands out as the perfect choice for many reasons:

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our fleet of modern industrial air conditioning equipment ensures high-performance cooling, coupled with reliable, quiet operation, and low running costs. We prioritise the latest technology to deliver efficient and effective cooling solutions for industrial applications.

Comprehensive Range: Whether you require temporary cooling solutions or long-term rentals, Newsome offers a comprehensive range of industrial air conditioning equipment for hire or rent. We cater to facilities of all sizes and durations, ensuring that we have the right solution for every application.

Decades of Expertise: With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, Newsome has been a trusted provider of specialist advice, equipment sales, hire, and maintenance services in temperature and humidity control. Our long-standing presence underscores our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

User-Friendly Equipment: Our industrial air conditioning equipment is designed for ease of use, manoeuvrability, and operation. You don’t need specialised knowledge to operate our systems, ensuring seamless integration into your facility’s operations.

Thorough Testing: Before dispatch, all our industrial air conditioning equipment undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance upon arrival at your site. We prioritise quality control to guarantee that our systems work flawlessly from the moment they’re installed.

Scalable Solutions: Newsome offers scalable packages that allow for the provision of multiple industrial air conditioning units across factories, industrial sites, and multi-site facilities. Our flexible solutions adapt to your evolving cooling needs.

24/7 Support: We understand the importance of uninterrupted cooling in industrial settings. That’s why Newsome provides round-the-clock support for our industrial air conditioning equipment, ensuring that it remains in optimal working condition throughout your hire period or equipment lifespan.

Expert Guidance: Unsure about your industrial air conditioning requirements? Our experienced engineering staff can conduct on-site surveys to assess your needs accurately and make tailored recommendations for the right equipment to meet your business needs.

Knowledgeable Support Team: Our dedicated sales, hire, and maintenance support team boasts extensive expertise in Industrial air conditioning equipment. They provide personalised advice and assistance to ensure that you select the perfect solution for your business requirements.

Competitive Rates and Flexibility: At Newsome, we offer very competitive hire rates and flexible hire periods to suit the demands of your business. Additionally, we provide options such as “try before you buy” on some equipment, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your budget and operational needs.

When it comes to industrial air conditioning, Newsome combines cutting-edge technology, extensive experience, and unmatched customer support to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. With our commitment to excellence and flexibility, you can trust Newsome to provide reliable cooling solutions that enhance your operational efficiency and comfort.

Industrial air conditioning units when and where you need it.

When it comes to industrial air conditioning, Newsome offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your exact needs, delivered precisely when and where you need it.

Our extensive stock of industrial air conditioning equipment is housed in our newly acquired 30,000-square-foot facility located in Elland, West Yorkshire, strategically positioned between Leeds and Manchester. This central location enables us to provide same-day delivery throughout the year, ensuring that you have access to the cooling solutions you require, precisely when you need them.

At Newsome, we pride ourselves on our highly acclaimed customer support service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the industrial air conditioning equipment specified to your exact requirements, delivered and installed efficiently and professionally. Whether it’s a temporary cooling solution for a short-term project or a permanent installation for ongoing operations, our engineers will handle the installation, delivery, and maintenance throughout the chosen air conditioner hire period or contracted maintenance agreement. All of this is provided under one competitive and easy-to-manage monthly fee, simplifying the process for our clients.

Regardless of the cooling requirement, you can trust Newsome to provide the industrial air conditioning equipment solution you need. Our expert industrial air conditioning engineers are readily available to provide assistance and guidance, ensuring that you make the right choice for your specific space and requirements. Whether through phone consultation, onsite meetings  or email correspondence, our team is committed to helping you find the optimal solution for your cooling needs.

Founded in 1973 by George Newsome, our company has a long-standing reputation for providing expert advice, equipment, and services to a variety of industries, including plastics, food and beverage, chemical, and medical sectors. We supply both permanent and temporary industrial air conditioning equipment, cooling, and moisture control solutions to clients across the country. Our clientele includes a range of well-known companies such as A-Safe, Meadowhall, BASF, Nestle, McVities, and Greencore, as well as numerous SMEs located throughout the UK.

With technical sales, service, and hire teams strategically located near major motorway networks, Newsome ensures a fast response to your individual industrial air conditioning equipment needs, regardless of your location across the UK. Furthermore, our extensive network of nationwide support partners allows us to deliver solutions at very short notice, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

when it comes to industrial air conditioning equipment, Newsome offers unparalleled expertise, reliable service, and prompt delivery, ensuring that you have the cooling solutions you need precisely when and where you need them.

Newsome will deliver the right industrial air conditioning equipment for your needs.

Industrial air conditioning equipment refers to any device that cools and dehumidifies the air in a room, warehouse, factory  or building. These units typically use refrigerants and a compressor to transfer heat from the air inside a space to the outside. Doing so creates a comfortable indoor environment even when the outdoor temperature is sweltering.

There are several types of industrial air conditioning equipment available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Central air conditioning is a system that cools an entire building through a network of ducts. It’s the most efficient way to cool a large space such as an open-plan office, but it’s also the most expensive option. Window air conditioning units are designed to fit in a standard window frame. They’re relatively easy to install and are an affordable option for cooling a single room. However, they can be noisy and may not be powerful enough to cool a large commercial space. Portable air conditioning units can be moved from room to room as needed and are popular for smaller offices or restaurants. They’re typically less expensive than window units and don’t require installation. However, they’re less powerful than central air conditioning and may not be suitable for cooling a large space. Portable air conditioning units are in the highest demand in the UK during short heat waves as they are ideal for providing office cooling solutions at short notice.  Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are similar to central air conditioning but don’t require ductwork. They’re more expensive than window or portable units, but they’re more efficient and can be used to cool multiple rooms. They’re also relatively easy to install compared to central air conditioning. With all these options available to you, we will ensure the right one is specified for your requirements.

Call our specialist industrial air conditioning equipment team now on 01422 371 711.

For all your industrial air conditioning needs, contact our specialised team at Newsome today on 01422 371 711. Our dedicated teams have extensive expertise in supplying industrial air conditioning equipment across the UK, catering to applications in various sectors and sizes.

At Newsome, we offer a range of solutions to meet your cooling requirements. Our equipment includes portable units capable of providing up to 135kW of cooling capacity. Additionally, we offer the latest industrial chillers designed for larger commercial applications, which can be utilised in conjunction with our air handler and fan coil units for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Whether you require cooling solutions for a small-scale operation or a large commercial facility, Newsome has the expertise and equipment to meet your needs. Our team is equipped to handle inquiries related to commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment, offering tailored solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your industrial air conditioning needs. Our knowledgeable team is confident in our ability to provide the solutions and support you require to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency in your industrial environment.