Industrial Chillers, Ambient Coolers & Adiabatic Coolers

When evaluating which cooling product is suitable for your process the delivery temperature required and footprint are key considerations.

Newsome have the technical understanding and wide range of products available to ensure we can provide the appropriate cooling solution for your business.

Industrial Air Cooled Chillers

What is an industrial chiller?

Industrial water chillers are used in a variety of applications where chilled water or fluid is circulated through process equipment. They are characterised by an immediate response to changing load requirements, the ability to modulate their cooling capacity, high control accuracy and reliability even within the limits of their operating conditions.

Industrial chillers are commonly used to cool products and machinery in a multitude of different applications including injection moulding, machine tools, lasers, food, beverage, semi-conductors and more. Why an industrial chiller? No industrial process, machine or engine is 100% efficient and heat is the most common by-product of these inefficiencies. If this heat is not removed, it can cause downtime and even premature failure. It is therefore necessary to include cooling in the design of an industrial process to avoid these problems and increase its efficiency and reliability.

Free Cooling

A single chiller without modification can provide circulated fluids across a vast range of temperatures typically between -10*C up to+ 20*C, although the thermal duty output will alter dependent on the required supply temperature.

If operating with a supply fluid temperature of 10*C & a heat load equal or greater than 80kW a Free Cooler can be integrated into a cooling circuit to improve energy efficiency & extend the life expectancy of the chiller kit, as well as reducing the companies carbon footprint.

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Dry Air Coolers

A Dry Air Cooler (DAC) can supply temperatures between 3*C  – 5*C higher than the ambient air temperature in which they sit, whilst Adiabatic Coolers can provide supply fluid temperatures around 3*C below ambient.

Ambient coolers if applied correctly can provide a very cost effective & energy efficient temperature control solution.

Newsome’s dry air coolers are built bespoke to customers needs, although the range covers between 42kW – 3mW

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Adiabatic Coolers

Adiabatic coolers are a modern alternative to traditional cooling towers, involving significantly lower maintenance and OPEX.

  • Modern, low risk alternative to hybrid and traditional cooling towers
  • UV sterilisations as standard
  • Developed in conjunction with advice given by British Health and Safety Executive

Minimal water consumption
Less than 4% of Hybrid Cooling Tower and less than 1% of traditional Cooling Tower water usage.

Extremely Energy Efficient
Variable speed EC and AC fan technology – typically only 25% of traditional fan energy usage.

Low Legionella
Risk No ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities required.