Precision Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Precision Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Air Cooled Industrial Liquid Chiller

WLA Precision R410A units are air cooled industrial chillers, offering two refrigerant circuits and two scroll compressors per circuit to maximize reliability and efficiency under partial load conditions on the utility side. They are ideal for cooling water or process fluids and have been designed to ensure the high standards of reliability required by production processes running 24/7.

Thanks to the standard non-ferrous hydraulic circuit and the wide range of options and accessories, the WLA Precision R410A units are effectively used for cooling a number of different applications such as:

  • Plastics
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Biogas
  • Automotive industry
  • Food & beverage

Reliability and the ability to adapt to specific plant requirements are the determining factors, which allow the WLA Precision R410A liquid chillers to respond perfectly to the needs of these industrial applications, guaranteeing continuity of production and contributing to the reduction of operating costs.

Key Feautures
  • Structure
    • Separate condensing compartment and accessibility on all sides for easy maintenance
    • Galvanized steel housing, painted with epoxy powders RAL 9005 embossed
    • Galvanised and polyester powder coated structure. Colour std RAL7035 orange peel.
  • Refrigerant Circuit
    • Two air cooled refrigerant circuits
    • Compressor: 2 hermetic scroll compressors per circuit
    • Refrigerant gas: R410A
    • Air cooled finned coil condenser
    • Axial fans with standard phase cut speed control
    • Evaporator: stainless steel plates
    • Laminating unit: thermostatic expansion valve
    • Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit: standard
    • Dehydrator filter
    • Sight glass
    • High pressure switch
    • Low pressure switch
    • Compressor discharge shut off valve
  • Hydraulic Circuit
    • Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit: standard
    • Pumps: P3; P5; P3 + P3; P5 + P5
    • Hydraulic by-pass: with adjustable type overpressure valve
    • Level indicator: standard
  • Electrical Circuit
    • Electrical panel: for outdoor use with main switch and phase monitor
    • Programmable microprocessor control with graphic display and standard RS485-Ethernet cards
    • Power supply and signals on terminal board
    • Standard signals: general alarm, remote on-off control
    • Signals on request: electrical level, flow switch, antifreeze device
    • Main insulator switch
    • Compressor circuit breaker
    • Fan overload circuit breaker
    • Control contactor
  • Cooling capacity 30 – 130kW

    WLAprecision R410A Process Chillers do not fall within the scope of applicability of the MT (Medium Temperature – EU 2015/1095) and HT (High Temperature – EU 2016/2281) regulations.The working range of the refrigerant:

      • Basic unit: +13°C ÷ +25°C
      • Unit for low temperature water: -5°C ÷ +1°C