Leisure Industry

Heating, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for the UK leisure industry.

Here at Newsome, we provide professional cooling, heating, dehumidification, and temperature control solutions for the UK leisure industry and we understand the criticality of delivering precise humidity and temperature control to your offices, commercial buildings, and leisure facilities for you, your staff, and your customers.

Newsome has a strong reputation for cost-effective and efficient cooling and heating solutions within all areas of the leisure industry. We can give you an optimised solution, whatever your needs are, because our product portfolio isn’t limited to vendor-specific products. By considering all energy efficiency, footprint, and full turnkey solutions, we can provide the right solution for you.


We work with a variety of blue-chip customers – from health clubs and hotels to ice rinks. All our solutions, project management, and technical expertise are backed by an exceptional maintenance and contingency plan. We have truly national coverage for capital equipment, full turnkey projects, servicing, and hire, so you benefit from a single dedicated point of contact for all your equipment needs. Our fully packaged solutions include full system evaluation and design, and the flatpack removals and installations of chillers and humidity control equipment.

We recently worked on an ice rink dehumidification project with a leading name in the industry to reduce the effects of unwanted moisture ingress. Moisture from warmer outside air will inevitably find its way into the building through natural leakage and door traffic. This usually results in an increase in relative humidity and dewpoint of the cool ice rink air. When the humid air comes into contact with colder surfaces such as steel roof supports, the air can easily reach its dewpoint and condensation will occur. Dripping water will cause damage to the ice by pitting the surface or by forming ‘ice mushrooms’, thereby lowering its overall quality and increasing costs associated with improving the ice surface for customers. If humidity is allowed to rise, indoor fog can be a common problem, especially in summer, when the dewpoint of outside air (and hence moisture loads) are at a maximum. A desiccant dehumidifier system is designed to maintain a constant relative humidity or dewpoint within the ice rink. The re-circulated air (often combined with some fresh air), is prevented from reaching its dewpoint by controlled dehumidification. The dewpoint of the air is maintained below that of internal surface temperatures. Condensation and fog are eliminated. Lower humidity also helps to prevent the formation of mould and mildew growth, reduces steel corrosion, and improves the general safety of electrical equipment.

Working with a leading FM company whose client was a leisure centre, we were called upon to investigate an existing, inefficient cooling system with high running costs which was providing a poor experience for those visiting the leisure complex and had led to a drop in footfall. Newsome, working in partnership with a globally renowned facilities and projects company, delivered an energy-efficient cooling system operating on a sustainable refrigerant with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of less than one and around 25% reduction in running cost. Following installation, we continue to support the client with a site-specific planned preventative maintenance regime.

Over the last 40+ years, Newsome has worked to support a wide range of customers in the leisure industry. We’ve worked alongside some large multi-national facilities providers, as well as many independent commercial gyms and leisure businesses. Our HVAC team are on hand to consult with you, then design, project manage and install all HVAC applications. The Newsome service team can give you complete maintenance and breakdown cover to support our own equipment installations as well as those installed by other manufacturers. We also offer contingency plans for all your cooling and heating equipment.

Formed in 1973 by George Newsome, the company now provides consultancy, equipment, and maintenance services to many public sector leisure service providers, and commercial clients based in the UK. Our areas of expertise cover every aspect of commercial air conditioning, the supply of heaters, boilers, and dehumidifiers alongside comfort cooling for offices, buildings, sports facilities, swimming pools, and ice rinks. So if you are looking to hire a commercial heater or purchase an evaporative cooler, for your leisure business you are in the right place.

We have become experts in exploring new technologies, bringing these to market and developing the free cooling concept to help our leisure clients reduce their operational costs, and reduce as much as possible their carbon emissions associated with running a leisure facility.

Our clients include many well-known companies such as A-Safe, Meadowhall, BASF, Nestle, McVities, and Greencore, in addition to many SMEs located nationwide.  Our technical sales, service, and hire teams are located close to the main motorway networks so we can deliver a fast response to your individual cooling, heating, dehumidification, or air con needs right across the UK thanks to our network of nationwide support partners.  All this is available at very short notice when required.

To discover more about our range of heating, cooling, and drying equipment sales and hire services tailored to the UK leisure industry, or to find out how free cooling could form part of your temperature control strategy, contact Newsome today on 01422 371 711.