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20th March 2024

Newsome Partners with Automotive Client for Sustainable Heating and Cooling Upgrade

In a recent collaboration, Newsome, a leading provider of industrial heating and cooling solutions, including chiller hire & industrial air conditioning ,  partnered with a client within the automotive sector to upgrade their existing heating and cooling circuits.

The client, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, recognised the need to enhance their heating and cooling infrastructure to support their manufacturing process. Facing the challenge of maintaining site production throughout the upgrade, they turned to Newsome as their preferred supply partner for the main capital investment project.

To address the client’s needs, our team at Newsome devised an innovative solution. We installed a temporary 600kW air-cooled chiller alongside a 300kW Air Source Heat Pump to meet the required air handling unit (AHU) cooling demand and heating demand, respectively. This approach allowed for simultaneous heating and cooling, crucial for the specialised nature of the products manufactured on-site.

Thanks to our collaboration, the client successfully upgraded their heating and cooling infrastructure while minimising disruption to their production operations. The implementation of the temporary chiller and heat pump ensured uninterrupted site production, showcasing our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The partnership between Newsome and our automotive client exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers. By prioritising sustainability, efficiency, and reliability, we continue to empower businesses across various sectors to thrive. For more information about our sustainable heating and cooling solutions and how we can support your business, contact our sales team to start the conversation.

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