Brewery Chiller Systems. Expanding Horizons: Newsome’s Tailored Chiller Solution for Cask Ale Production

In a bid to expand their operations and reach new markets, an established cask ale producer recently approached Newsome with an ambitious project: the installation of a state-of-the-art bottling line at the brewery. This endeavor marked a significant milestone for the brewery, requiring meticulous planning and execution to ensure seamless integration of the chiller and uncompromised product quality.

The challenge presented to the Newsome team was twofold: to devise a brewery chiller system that not only cooled the ale adequately before bottling but also minimised product losses, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality throughout the brewing process.

The brewery’s vision extended beyond the mere supply and commissioning of an industrial air-cooled chiller. They entrusted Newsome to handle the entire spectrum of requirements, from conceptualisation to installation, including the intricate mechanical and electrical interfaces with the new bottling line.

After careful consideration, Newsome recommended the WRA Air Cooled packaged process chiller, boasting a formidable 150kW cooling capacity. This robust brewery chiller system was meticulously selected to deliver chilled water or propylene glycol solution at an optimal temperature of -6°C, meeting the brewery’s stringent cooling requirements.

The project kicked off with precision as Newsome’s seasoned professionals expertly maneuvered the new chiller into position. Following this, the mechanical contracts team swiftly went to work, meticulously installing stainless-steel pipework to seamlessly connect the chiller to the fermenting vessels and plate heat exchanger.

Attention to detail was paramount, with the new pipework meticulously insulated using high-quality phenolic foam insulation. To ensure durability and longevity, the insulation was expertly clad with aluminum, providing an extra layer of protection against the rigors of industrial operation. With the groundwork laid and the infrastructure in place, the final step involved charging the system with glycol, a crucial milestone that paved the way for full system commissioning by the adept Newsome Service Team.

This comprehensive solution provided by Newsome not only met but exceeded the brewery’s expectations, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency, product quality, and minimal losses throughout the bottling process. By entrusting Newsome with their expansion endeavors, the brewery not only gained a cutting-edge bottling line but also a trusted partner committed to their success.

Beyond the technical prowess demonstrated in this project, Newsome’s dedication to customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail underscored their position as a leader in industrial solutions. As the brewery embarks on this new chapter of growth and innovation, they can rest assured knowing that Newsome stands by their side, ready to support their endeavors every step of the way.

Newsome’s tailored brewery chiller system for cask ale production exemplifies the intersection of expertise, innovation, and dedication. Through meticulous planning, precise execution, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Newsome not only met the brewery’s needs but exceeded their expectations, laying the foundation for a successful and prosperous future.