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Revolutionising Cooling Systems for Enhanced Efficiency at a UK-based International Snacks Manufacturer


Client: – UK Based Snacks Manufacturer

Industry: – Food Processing

Presence: – present in over 30 countries across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and beyond

Project Overview: – Chiller replacement. Existing Hitachi RCU 160 chillers have failed and are beyond economical repair with some parts now obsolete.

Project Value Range: – £175,000 – £250,000

In the competitive landscape of food production, maintaining optimal conditions for the manufacturing process is crucial. When faced with the challenge of failing chillers, a UK-based international snacks manufacturer sought a partner to modernise their cooling infrastructure. Newsome, a trusted provider of industrial cooling solutions, stepped in to address the inefficiencies and ensure uninterrupted production while prioritising energy efficiency and sustainability.

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The snacks manufacturer’s existing Hitachi RCU 160 chillers had reached the end of their lifecycle, with obsolete parts rendering them beyond repair. These chillers, each capable of extracting 412 kW at nominal design conditions, were no longer able to meet the demands of the production environment. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Newsome conducted a thorough assessment and recommended replacing the failing units with new, energy-efficient chiller equipment.



The primary objective was clear: to replace the outdated chillers with modern units capable of meeting the required cooling duty. However, Newsome aimed to go beyond mere replacement. They sought to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimise the environmental impact of the cooling system. Additionally, ensuring a seamless mechanical installation process was paramount to avoid disruptions to production.

Proposed Solution:

Newsome’s proposal involved the installation of two new chillers from their stocked range, carefully selected to meet the total required duty while prioritising energy efficiency. The first unit, NX – G06 – 0374 T, offered 370 kW of cooling capacity, while the second unit, NX2-G06-K-0464, provided 470 kW. Together, these units would fulfil the cooling duty of 800 kW specified by the client.

Key Features of Selected Units:

The chosen chillers boasted a robust design tailored for demanding process cooling applications. They were Ecodesign compliant, adhering to environmental regulations and promoting sustainability. With a wide operating range, they could accommodate ambient temperatures from +46°C to -10°C, ensuring reliability in diverse conditions. additionally, their use of low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R454B refrigerant underscored their eco-friendliness.

  • Robust design – Specifically designed for demanding process cooling applications.
  • Ecodesign compliant – all models fully comply with ErP2021 – SEPR HT (EU) 2016/2281 – SEPR MT (EU) 2015/1095
  • Wide operating range – operates in ambient temperatures from +46°C down to -10°C with cooling fluid supply temperatures between +20°C and -10°C
  • Eco-friendly – built around the latest high efficiency scroll compressors utilising low GWP R454B refrigerant.
  • Shell & tube evaporator – a robust solution providing greater dependability compared to more traditional designs.
  • Coated condenser coils – aluminium microchannel construction results in a smaller refrigerant charge – while epoxy coating offers protection in potentially aggressive environments.
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits – provides additional resilience & greater peace of mind.

Energy Analysis:

Newsome conducted a comprehensive energy analysis to compare the energy usage of the existing chillers against the proposed units. This analysis revealed significant energy savings, with the new chillers estimated to be 17% more efficient than their predecessors. Not only would this result in substantial cost savings for the snacks manufacturer, but it would also contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Mechanical Installation Process:

Executing a seamless mechanical installation process was essential to minimise disruptions to production. Newsome’s skilled pipework engineers meticulously prepared the site, disconnecting the existing chillers and making necessary adjustments to accommodate the new units. The chillers were carefully lifted into place using specialised equipment, and new pipework, fabricated off-site to expedite installation, was seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. All necessary valve arrangements were included to allow for flow control, filtration, and isolation. Despite the complexity of the installation, Newsome ensured that the process was completed within one working day, minimising downtime for the snacks manufacturer.


By partnering with Newsome and embracing modern, energy-efficient cooling solutions, the UK-based international snacks manufacturer successfully transformed their cooling infrastructure. Beyond mere replacement, the new chillers offered enhanced efficiency, reduced operational costs, and minimised environmental impact. The seamless mechanical installation process underscored Newsome’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients while prioritising energy efficiency and sustainability. This successful collaboration not only ensured uninterrupted production but also positioned the snacks manufacturer for long-term success in a competitive market landscape.