Case Study

Crisp Bread Oven Hall Ventilation


Client: Breakfast Cereals & Bar Manufacturer

Industry: Food

Project Overview: Ventilation Project

Newsome Ltd designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned an integrated HVAC system at the site of a manufacturer of breakfast cereals and bars in Lincoln.


  • The oven area consisted of two ovens and a large open area which was serviced by one air handling unit which was woefully undersized for the excess heat produced from the ovens.
  • The room experienced consistent temperatures in the region of 40-50°C with product wastage in the region of 30% on certain lines.
  • The plan was to divide the area into two areas with a partition wall, creating an oven area and a packing area.
  • Our scope was to design and implement a ventilation system to maintain the oven area temperature to a maximum of 8°C at 1.5m above the external ambient temperature and maintain the oven hall at a balanced pressure between adjacent areas.


  • The existing air handling unit was rerouted to service the packing area.
  • A new HVAC solution was installed to service the oven area.
  • The new system comprised of 12 roof input units and 9 roof exhaust units.
  • Input units comprised EC Fans, G4 & F7 filtration.
  • Exhaust units comprised EC fans and insect screening.
  • Temperature and pressure all controlled by a Trend based system.


  • Consistent temperatures within the oven hall at the setpoint of 25°C
  • Consistent room pressures
  • Product wastage reduced from 30 to 18%