Hard Water Problems with New Boiler System

Hard Water Problems with New Boiler System

Project Brief

Following a client’s installation of 2 new Bosch Boilers in their boiler house they contacted Newsome Ltd to establish if there could be a solution found to the problems being experienced with hard water despite having an existing water softening system installed.

Hard Water Problems with New Boiler System

Picture: Existing Softener System

The Current problem

Hard water entering a boiler is severe as it can lead to excess use of chemicals and deposits of scale on the boiler heat exchanger. Even small amounts of scale reduce fuel & water efficiency increasing operating costs. Soft water is free from such metals as Calcium, Iron, or Magnesium.

Newsome Solution

Boilers are fed from 2 hot water wells. To prevent further damage a water softening system was designing to meet peaks in demand which also needed to take into account the ability to operate independently or simultaneously with a piping system, control valves and sensors. The system provided constant availability at an instant with an available flow of 4m3/h.

The system design was a “duplex co current ion exchange softening system with salt regeneration” controlled volumetrically by a water meter which ensured softened water 24/7 at optimal efficiency.

A pre-packaged skid mounted system was designed & built with high efficiency resin to ensure minimal waste of salt and water. Included was a low voltage control panel to take level sensors and motorised valves. A simplified control logic could be applied to control each hotwell feed independently or simultaneously as required by demand.