Automotive Rental

Client Background:

A client operating within the automotive sector, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency, recognised the need to upgrade their existing heating and cooling circuits. These circuits supported their air handling plant, crucial for serving their manufacturing process.

Challenges Faced:

The client’s main challenge was to enhance their heating and cooling infrastructure while ensuring minimal disruption to their production operations. Additionally, due to the specialised nature of the products manufactured on-site, there was a requirement for the ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling.

Solution Provided by Newsome:

After careful evaluation, Newsome was selected as the preferred supply partner for the main capital investment project. To ensure uninterrupted site production during the installation of the new heating and cooling equipment, the Newsome team implemented an innovative solution. They supplied and installed a temporary 600kW air-cooled chiller to meet the required air handling unit (AHU) cooling demand. Additionally, a 300kW Air Source Heat Pump was installed to fulfil the heating demand. This dual approach allowed for simultaneous heating and cooling, meeting the client’s specialised manufacturing needs.

Outcome and Benefits:

By partnering with Newsome, the client successfully upgraded their heating and cooling infrastructure while maintaining site production throughout the installation process. The implementation of the temporary chiller and heat pump ensured uninterrupted operations, minimising downtime, and maximising efficiency. Furthermore, the client benefited from enhanced sustainability, as the new equipment provided more energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. Overall, the collaboration between the client and Newsome exemplifies how innovative and sustainable heating and cooling solutions can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of specialised manufacturing processes within the automotive sector.

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