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Newsome’s HVAC System Upgrade for British Manufacturer Specialising in the Production of World-Class Nutrition Products


Newsome Ltd, a leading HVAC solutions provider, was approached by a specialist nutrition products manufacturer with a challenge: their existing HVAC system was unable to meet performance and hygiene criteria, leading to the need for rented air handling units and associated chilling plant during the summer months. Newsome Ltd was tasked with designing and supplying a comprehensive heating, cooling, and dehumidification system, along with fixed fresh air delivery, to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels within the production facility.

Project Scope and Design:

Facility Overview: The production plant is a 666m² facility with a height of 7.35m, resulting in a room volume of 4,901m³. It typically accommodates 5-6 people.

Temperature and Humidity Requirements: The target temperature was set at a maximum of 25°C, with humidity control capped at a maximum of 65%.

Air Distribution: Internal air distribution was achieved through a textile air sock, while external distribution utilised rolled galvanised/manufactured rectangular sections.

Air Handling Unit: Newsome proposed an air handling unit configured with an integral heat pump condensing unit, providing both heating and cooling functionalities. The system’s air volume would be 32,000m³/hr, equivalent to 6.5 air changes per hour.

HVAC System

Equipment and Installation:

Packaged Air Handling Unit: Newsome recommended the installation of an air handling unit designed to accommodate the specified requirements. This unit included features such as a packaged cool-only air-cooled rooftop air-conditioner with a multi-scroll compressor and R454B refrigerant, fixed fresh air/return air mixing section, pleated synthetic fibre filter, and supply fans with EC brushless motors.

Controls: The air handling unit is controlled via a control system integrated into the unit. A single room temperature sensor was provided as part of the system.

Humidity Control: For humidity control, a DST RL-61R ICE desiccant dehumidifier was located outside the building adjacent to the Airfinity unit. The system utilised electric regeneration heaters and supplied dry air into the return air ductwork, ensuring compliance with food hygiene design principles.

Key features included:-

  • Dehumidifying capacity at 20°C / 60% rH 7.5 – 11.5 kg/h
  • Dry air flow 1300 – 2100 m³/h
  • Excellent performance in all climates
  • Duct connections
  • Built-in heat recovery
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • F7 filter
  • Washable rotor
HVAC System Upgrade for British Manufacturer

Insulation: External ductwork was insulated with 50mm foil-faced rockwool, with all joints sealed and mechanically protected with Aluzinc steel cladding.

Testing and Commissioning:

Upon completion of the installation, Newsome committed to fully commissioning the HVAC system, including witness testing, with all relevant data documented for inclusion in the handover Operating and Maintenance documentation.

Maintenance and Support:

Planned Preventative Maintenance: Newsome emphasised the importance of routine planned preventative maintenance to minimise production downtime and maintain energy efficiency. The installation came with a 12-month parts and labour warranty as standard.

Site Supervision: Newsome included all necessary site attendances, supervision, and commissioning.

Safety Measures: Safety was paramount throughout the project. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including clean overalls, safety footwear, hard hats, high-visibility vests, goggles, face visors, rubber gauntlets, and task-specific PPE, was worn at all times as required and identified in the Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS).

HVAC System Upgrade for British Manufacturer


Newsome’s design, supply, installation, and commissioning of a state-of-the-art HVAC system for the client showcased their commitment to providing effective and energy-efficient solutions. This project not only ensured a comfortable and controlled indoor environment but also aligns with food hygiene standards and safety measures, guaranteeing long-term operational reliability for the client. Newsome’s dedication to quality, performance, and safety is evident throughout the project’s design and execution. Newsome’s comprehensive solution for the client exemplifies their dedication to delivering high quality , professional  HVAC systems that not only meet but exceed client expectations. By addressing the specific needs of the client, they have ensured that the facility can maintain optimal conditions for its occupants while adhering to stringent hygiene standards.

This project embodies Newsome’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The integration of a heat pump condensing unit, use of modern refrigerants, and compliance with ErP regulations reflect their efforts to reduce environmental impact and operating costs. Furthermore, Newsome’s attention to safety, as evident through the meticulous risk assessments, method statements, and the insistence on proper personal protective equipment, underscores their commitment to the welfare of their team members and all stakeholders involved in the project.