adiabatic coolers project for GXO Logistics

Supply & installation of adiabatic sprays to existing low temperature condensers

Project Brief

Client – Distribution Warehouse

Location – Greater Manchester

Project value range– £25,000-£50,000

Project completion – August 2023

Project duration –8 weeks

Project overview – The addition of adiabatic spray kits to the condenser coils of the incumbent condensing units to ensure that the incoming air stream is always less than 28*C even if the ambient air temperature exceeds 35*C.

Current situation

Client Overview: – The client, a leading industrial facility owner, operates a substantial cooling system to maintain low temperatures for critical processes. Their existing low temperature condensers, which play a vital role in the cooling process, face challenges during periods of extremely high ambient temperatures and the cooling equipment serving the cold store suffers significantly during warmer weather to address this concern and enhance thermal efficiency, the client approached Newsome with the request to prepare proposals for the supply and installation of adiabatic sprays to their condenser units.

Objective: – The main objective of this project is to equip the incumbent condensing units with adiabatic spray kits. These kits will ensure that the incoming air stream to the condenser coils remains below 28°C even in situations where the ambient air temperature exceeds 35°C. By achieving this, the client aims to prevent potential performance degradation during extreme weather conditions and optimise the cooling process for critical industrial operations.

Technical Analysis: – Newsome, in close collaboration with the original equipment manufacturers of the condensers, conducted a thorough technical analysis. The findings revealed that the condensers’ maximum operating performance at design conditions is limited to 32°C. Beyond this threshold, there is a risk of reduced efficiency and potential strain on the cooling system, leading to compromised process reliability.

Project Solution

To address the challenge of high ambient temperatures and ensure optimal cooling performance, Newsome proposed the incorporation of adiabatic spray kits into the existing low temperature condensers. These adiabatic sprays will act as a supplementary cooling mechanism, lowering the incoming air temperature before it reaches the condenser coils.

Adiabatic Spray equipment delivered.

Newsome allowed for the supply and installation of an adiabatic spray kit connected to both a MCW supply within 10m. The supplied package came complete with the following as standard.
• Wet Box
• Double Check Valve
• Pressure Gauge
• Fill Valve
• Vent, Drain and Spray Solenoid Valves as required
• Inlet Y Strainer
• Spray Booster Pump
• Pressure Switch
• UV Treatment System
• Pressure Regulator

Control Panel

• PLC to control all operation and health and safety aspects.
• Transformer for 24V control circuit
• Door Inter-Locked Isolator
• Ambient Air Thermostat to avoid adiabatic spray usage in low ambient temperatures.
• Standard Inputs for air thermostat, client enable signal
• Standard Outputs for UV system, spray booster pump and solenoid control
• Panel Lamps – Panel Live, System Spraying, UV Lamp Fail, Adiabatic Feed Pressure Fault, Spray
• Booster Pump Fail
• Volt Free Contacts – System Spraying, UV Lamp Fail, Adiabatic Feed Pressure Fault, Spray
• Booster Pump Fail.

Project Benefits:-

Temperature Control: The adiabatic spray kits will maintain the incoming air stream to the condenser coils below 28°C, mitigating the negative effects of high ambient temperatures on the cooling process.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: By implementing the adiabatic spray system, the thermal efficiency of the existing condensing units is expected to improve by approximately 8%. This increase in efficiency will translate to reduced energy consumption and operating costs for the client.

Reliability and Performance: With the adiabatic sprays in place, the cooling system will be better equipped to handle extreme weather conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout the year.

Commissioning: – Following completion, the cooling plant was successfully fully commissioned by a Newsome Ltd Service Engineer.

Conclusion and Results

The incorporation of adiabatic spray kits into the existing low temperature condensers is expected to significantly improve the cooling system’s efficiency and reliability. With the assurance of optimal performance, the client can continue their critical industrial processes without disruptions, even during periods of extreme heat. By partnering with Newsome for this innovative upgrade, the client is set to achieve enhanced thermal efficiency, reduced operating costs, and a sustainable cooling solution for their industrial facility.