Installation of Chiller with R454B Refrigerant

Installation of Chiller with R454B Refrigerant


Client: Multinational Food Company

Industry: Food Manufacturing

Presence: Over 33 Countries Worldwide

Project Overview:

Project Type: Cooling Equipment Replacement

Scope: Installation of Chiller with R454B Refrigerant

Delivery: 14 weeks

Project value range:  £75,000 – £100,000

Warranty: 2 years

Project Objectives:

This multinational food company sought to replace its existing cooling equipment to improve efficiency and comply with environmental regulations regarding refrigerants with high Global Warming Potential (GWP). Newsome Ltd was tasked with providing a modern and environmentally friendly cooling solution.

chiller replacement

Project Specifications:

Cooling Design Requirement:

  • Thermal Duty: 127kW
  • Fluid Type: Water / Ethylene Glycol
  • Chilled Fluid Supply Temperature: -6˚C
  • Return Fluid Supply Temperature: -1˚C
  • Chilled Water Flowrate: 6.57 litres/second
  • Siting: External
  • Design Ambient Air Temperature: 32˚C
  • Refrigerant Choice: To align with environmental regulations and reduce GWP, Newsome Ltd selected a chiller containing R454B refrigerant, recognised as a low GWP refrigerant, exempt from phase-down regulations.


Chiller Recommendation:

Newsome Ltd recommended the installation of a CGAF 55 HE LN air-cooled chiller capable of meeting the specified thermal requirements. The chiller came complete with various features such as AC fans, R454B low GWP refrigerant, microchannel condenser coil, electronic expansion valve, integrated pump and buffer vessel, pump controls, and BMS interface via BACnet.

chiller replacement

Project Execution:

Mechanical Installation:

Before commencing work, Newsome Ltd’s contracts manager conducted a project review meeting with the client to establish a work schedule. The existing chiller was safely drained and isolated, and redundant connections were removed. A CPA crane lift was utilised to remove the old chiller and position the new one.

Due to differences in the chiller’s footprint, Newsome Ltd included appropriate steelwork sections fastened to the existing framework to accommodate the new chiller. New pipe work was manufactured on-site to connect the chiller to the existing system. The pipework circuit was pressure tested and thermally insulated with Aluminium Stucco cladding. Glycol was added to the system, and the chiller was commissioned.

chiller replacement

Electrical Installation:

Newsome Ltd disconnected the existing power supply cable and control cable and reconnected them to the new unit.

Water Treatment:

Newsome Ltd emphasised the importance of water treatment for chilled water systems to minimise corrosion, scale, sludge, and microbiological fouling. Newsome and the client consulted a water treatment specialist to determine the appropriate treatment method.

Thermal Insulation:

The new pipework was installed with two layers of 25mm thick phenolic insulation for a total of 50mm, clad with Aluminium Stucco finish. Valves and flanges were insulated using densofil and covered with purpose-made boxes with Aluminium Stucco finish.

This project embodies Newsome’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The integration of a heat pump condensing unit, use of modern refrigerants, and compliance with ErP regulations reflect their efforts to reduce environmental impact and operating costs. Furthermore, Newsome’s attention to safety, as evident through the meticulous risk assessments, method statements, and the insistence on proper personal protective equipment, underscores their commitment to the welfare of their team members and all stakeholders involved in the project.

chiller replacement

Mains Water Feed:

A mains water feed with good pressure was readily accessible for filling the chiller unit, so no provisions were necessary for running or altering existing mains cold water feeds.


Upon project completion, a Newsome Ltd Service Engineer conducted the chiller’s commissioning to ensure proper functionality.

Service, Maintenance, and Warranty:

Newsome Ltd provided a maintenance contract, including two maintenance visits per annum, to ensure the chiller’s ongoing efficiency. The chiller came with a standard 24-month parts and labour warranty.

chiller replacement


Newsome Ltd successfully replaced the existing cooling equipment for the multinational food company, meeting the client’s specifications and environmental requirements. The installation of the modern chiller with R454B refrigerant not only improved cooling efficiency but also aligned with regulations regarding refrigerants’ environmental impact. With a focus on proper water treatment, insulation, and maintenance, the client was equipped with a reliable and environmentally conscious cooling solution. Newsome Ltd’s commitment to quality and compliance ensured the project’s success.