Sick Building Upgrade

Project Brief

An existing building required modification to bring the building up to healthy standards. In doing so the first phase was a need to increase the fresh air based on test results which indicated the needs for electronic air cleaners and a UV-C lighting system.

Newsome Solution

The current Hymist system is inadequate and needed removing. Bespoke framing was required to take the UV-c Lighting system and new fresh air intake ductwork was incorporated. Bag filters were removed to enable manufacture of suitable support system so the electronic air cleaners could be accommodated.

Sick Building Upgrade
existing filter
existing ahu

Pictured: Existing Access & AHU1 and AHU2 Existing Filters

Restrictions of working inside the existing AHU’s to get the new equipment in and incorporating the additional fresh air control requirements created a number of challenges in both access and mounting.

The new equipment installed couldn’t allow bypassing of air and built in sections suitable to be assembled once placed in position inside the AHU’s.

Following installation, the airflows needed rebalancing to ensure correct airflows for the spaces and to prevent overheating of the new electronic filter sections and UV-C lighting system. The manufacturer of the electronic components commissioned the system they developed.