Newsome’s Chiller Solution Set to Revolutionise Efficiency at Cumbrian Plant

In a remarkable display of innovation and partnership, Newsome, a trailblazer in industrial cooling solutions, has spearheaded a transformative project at a leading manufacturing plant in Cumbria, a cornerstone of the renowned food and beverage giant’s operations. Dating back to 1962, the Dalston facility plays a pivotal role in producing powdered and condensed milk products, all sourced locally from Cumbrian dairy farmers.

Over the last 15 years, £70 million has been invested into the plant, propelling it towards excellence through groundbreaking product offerings and modernised packing and filling capabilities. With the plant delivering an astonishing 350,000 litres of milk daily, translating to a staggering annual total of 63 million litres, the importance of efficient cooling mechanisms cannot be understated. The production’s sheer scale necessitated a cooling solution that would bolster production efficiency, curtail energy consumption, and amplify the site’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Enter Newsome, a recognised specialist in industrial cooling, heating, and dehumidification solutions. When the call for innovation sounded, Newsome answered with precision and expertise. Deploying an agile approach, Newsome swiftly introduced an interim solution – a high-performance 350 kW chiller on a rental basis. This strategic move allowed operations to flow seamlessly while a permanent solution was meticulously tailored to meet the plant’s unique demands.

But the innovation didn’t halt there. Newsome’s engineers teamed up with the client’s own experts to sculpt a turnkey chiller solution that aligned harmoniously with the plant’s intricate requirements. Beyond the goal of production efficiency enhancement, this bespoke solution was a testament to both organisations’ dedication to sustainability. Carbon emissions are set to dwindle significantly, and energy consumption is poised for a reduction.

The results were nothing short of astounding: The interim chiller proved to be the knight in shining armour, ensuring uninterrupted production, and upholding the unswerving quality and consistency they are renowned for. As the permanent turnkey solution takes shape, it’s becoming evident that a new era of sustainability is dawning. Carbon emissions will be reduced, and energy consumption is undergoing a revolutionary overhaul – a reflection of the firm’s commitment to responsible business practices.

The transition from the interim solution to the new permanent chiller will be executed seamlessly. Newsome’s finesse in integrating solutions into ongoing operations will be on full display, underscoring their capability to balance innovation with operational continuity.

In a world where operational excellence is paramount and environmental stewardship is a moral imperative, Newsome’s collaboration with the Cumbrian plant stands tall as a blueprint for success. This symbiotic partnership underscores the critical role that strategic, adaptable cooling solutions play in maintaining efficiency, quality, and sustainability in large-scale industrial settings. As the manufacturing company evolves and pushes the boundaries of innovation, Newsome’s unwavering partnership remains the cornerstone of their pursuit of excellence, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.