Newsome Delivers Environmentally Friendly Cooling Solution for Multinational Food Company

Newsome has successfully completed a cooling equipment replacement project for a prominent multinational food company. With a presence in over 33 countries worldwide, this multinational food giant sought to enhance efficiency and align with environmental regulations by upgrading its cooling equipment. Newsome Ltd was entrusted with the task of providing a modern and environmentally friendly cooling solution.

The primary goal of this project was to replace the existing cooling equipment to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with environmental regulations regarding refrigerants with high Global Warming Potential (GWP). Newsome Ltd was chosen to deliver an environmentally conscious cooling solution that meets the client’s operational needs and environmental responsibilities.

Newsome Ltd recommended the installation of a CGAF 55 HE LN air-cooled chiller designed to meet the specified thermal requirements. This chiller featured AC fans, R454B low GWP refrigerant, a microchannel condenser coil, electronic expansion valve, integrated pump and buffer vessel, pump controls, and a BMS interface via BACnet.

Prior to starting the installation work, Newsome conducted a project review meeting with the client to establish a clear work schedule. The existing chiller was safely drained, isolated, and redundant connections were removed. A CPA crane lift was employed to remove the old chiller and position the new one. To accommodate the new chiller, Newsome Ltd added appropriate steelwork sections fastened to the existing framework. New pipework was manufactured on-site to connect the chiller to the existing system. The pipework circuit underwent pressure testing and was thermally insulated with Aluminium Stucco cladding. Glycol was added to the system, and the chiller was commissioned.

Newsome Ltd also handled the disconnection of the existing power supply cable and control cable and reconnected them to the new unit.

Recognising the significance of water treatment for chilled water systems, Newsome collaborated with a water treatment specialist to determine the appropriate treatment method, ensuring the longevity of the system. To maintain thermal efficiency, the new pipework was equipped with two layers of 25mm thick phenolic insulation for a total of 50mm, clad with an Aluminium Stucco finish. Valves and flanges were insulated using densofil and covered with purpose-made boxes with an Aluminium Stucco finish.

A readily accessible mains water feed with adequate pressure was available for filling the chiller unit, obviating the need for provisions to alter existing mains cold water feeds. Upon project completion, a Newsome Ltd Service Engineer conducted the chiller’s commissioning to ensure it functioned correctly.

Newsome provided a comprehensive maintenance contract, offering two maintenance visits per annum to ensure ongoing efficiency. The chiller was also backed by a standard 24-month parts and labour warranty.

Newsome Ltd successfully replaced the existing cooling equipment for the multinational food company, meeting the client’s specifications and environmental requirements. The installation of the modern chiller with R454B refrigerant not only improved cooling efficiency but also aligned with regulations concerning refrigerants’ environmental impact. Through meticulous attention to water treatment, insulation, and maintenance, Newsome delivered a reliable and environmentally conscious cooling solution. This project underscores Newsome Ltd.’s dedication to quality, compliance, and environmental responsibility.