Adiabatic Coolers: a revolution in the cooling industry

How Adiabatic Coolers are Revolutionising the Cooling Industry –

significantly reducing water and power consumption whilst being up to 75% more cost effective than a cooling tower:


As a society, now more than ever, companies are being challenged to address climate change. With the industry already facing scrutiny over carbon emissions and energy consumption, water scarcity is poised to be the next major resource to be publicly examined.

Global warming is therefore forcing us to question the methods traditionally used in cooling. Systems such as cooling towers which are inherently inefficient and expensive to run, are also renowned for consuming millions of litres of water.

Cooling towers use their fan(s) and fill pack to evaporate water and produce circa. 30°C process water. While effective at providing cooling, it uses a lot of water and requires water treatment to control biological growth. Cooling towers also expose the process water to the atmosphere and then require constant filtering.

Adiabatic Coolers offer a modern alternative to cooling towers, delivering impressive energy and water savings alongside significantly lower maintenance and OPEX. They offer a modern, low risk alternative to hybrid and traditional cooling towers; UV sterilisation systems come as standard; and have been developed in conjunction with advice given by British Health & Safety Executive.

Adiabatic cooling is the process of reducing heat through a change in air pressure caused by volume expansion.  Working in wet mode for typically only 3% of the year, adiabatic systems consume around 1% of the water used in traditional cooling towers and as little as 2% of that used by wetted surface hybrid dry coolers. They automatically spray, purge, drain down and UV sterilise when required – water is only evaporated when dry cooling alone can no longer achieve the required water temperature.

Over a 20 year projected lifetime, adiabatic technology OPEX will be less than a third of the cost of a wetted surface hybrid cooler and a quarter of the cost of a cooling tower.

Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director at Newsome, temperature and heating control experts, explains: “The numbers speak for themselves. Over a 20-year lifespan, Adiabatic Coolers can deliver up to 75% cost saving. And in terms of water usage, in just one day, an Adiabatic Cooler will save enough water for 263 baths vs a Cooling Tower.

“Many of our clients across multiple industries are choosing to switch to using adiabatic coolers as a far cost effective and eco-friendly cooling solution.”


 Key benefits include:

-Best combined PUE (power usage effectiveness) and WUE (water usage effectiveness) delivering impressive energy and water savings

-A larger number of smaller fans provide considerably higher resilience in the event of a fan failure

-No weekly/monthly health checks required

-No specialist maintenance contract required for bi-annual strip down and rebuild with chemical cleaning


To talk to Newsome about the long term benefits and cost savings of an Adiabatic Cooler, please email:  or call: 01422 371711.