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15th December 2021

How to maintain your equipment during Winter

With the onset of much colder outdoor temperatures and snow and frost more prevalent in parts of the UK, here are a few tips to make sure your temperature control systems will survive the harsher weather conditions.

Delaying or ignoring proper winterisation for your cooling systems could potentially cause a number of problems such as equipment failure, resulting in the need to hire an interim, temporary solution.

Prevention is always better than cure – so be proactive when approaching the maintenance of your cooling systems during the colder months. Undertake routine checks to prevent pipes freezing and ultimately machines not working.

Top Tips:

Glycol – adding the correct (inhibited) anti-freeze/glycol to your system will prevent the fluid inside the system from freezing. The minimum concentration of glycol within the circuit should be 25%. Although be aware that the incorrect concentration of glycol within the system could have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your cooling circuit. Consideration should also be given to the circulating fluid temperature, plus the ambient exposure of the pipework and cooling system.

Trace heating – check trace heating is operating correctly.

Thermal insulation – ensure all pipework that is exposed to the winter air is appropriately insulated.

Mains Cold Water feeds – ensure all MCW feeds are drained or correctly frost protected.

Seasonal use equipment – turn off any equipment that is not going to be used in the colder months, or alternatively, drain down the circuit. If that is not possible, ensure you run the pump(s) at least once a month, to maintain lubrication.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

For any further help or guidance, please call Temperature Control and Humidity experts Newsome today on 01422 371711.

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