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27th March 2024

Newsome Solves MRI Scanner Cooling Chiller Breakdown

In a recent development, one of the United Kingdom’s leading healthcare charities faced a critical challenge when their MRI scanner cooling chiller malfunctioned. The chiller’s primary function is to maintain the necessary cooling for the helium inside the MRI scanner’s magnets, critical for its operation. Without this cooling mechanism, the helium would overpressure and vent off, leading to significant financial losses for the organisation.

The urgency of the situation required an immediate response to minimise helium loss and ensure uninterrupted MRI scanner operation. The client sought a fast, safe, and efficient rental package to address their immediate needs. However, the complexities involved in accessing and assessing the site due to existing infrastructure and location constraints posed additional challenges.

In response to the emergency, a leading national facility management company swiftly engaged Newsome, a trusted partner known for their expertise in delivering rapid solutions for similar projects. With a reputation for efficiency and reliability, Newsome inspired confidence in their ability to tackle the critical situation at hand.

Collaborating closely, both parties worked to swiftly resolve the breakdown of the MRI scanner cooling chiller at the Hospital. Newsome conducted a thorough site survey to assess feasibility, including evaluating power supply and enabling works. The installation planning involved strategically placing the chiller at ground floor level, with provisions for it to be elevated to the rooftop.

Mechanical enabling work ensured seamless integration of the chiller into the existing infrastructure, while provisions were made for the necessary electrical supply to power the chiller. Flexible pipework installation facilitated connection and proper functioning of the chiller within the system. Upon completion of the installation, Newsome conducted thorough testing, setup, and commissioning to ensure optimal operation.

Thanks to the prompt response and efficient execution by Newsome, the Hospital was able to minimise helium loss and maintain uninterrupted operation of their MRI scanner. This successful resolution reaffirmed the facility management company’s confidence in Newsome’s capabilities, demonstrating the value of strategic partnerships in addressing critical infrastructure challenges effectively.

The swift resolution of the MRI scanner cooling chiller breakdown at the Hospital underscores the importance of proactive planning, swift action, and reliable partnerships in ensuring the continuous operation of essential medical equipment. Newsome’s expertise and commitment to delivering innovative solutions played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of the emergency situation, ultimately contributing to the seamless delivery of healthcare services.

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