AHU Hire 30kW to 350kW

AHU Hire 30kW to 350kW

Air Handling Unit Hire

Newsome Air Handling Units (AHUs) can be hired as standalone equipment or as part of a turnkey solution for both comfort heating and cooling applications.  Uniquely the Newsome range has independent cooling & heating coils within the same unit to optimise performance and includes a 3-way valve to ensure accurate level of temperatures control.

Each unit includes a standalone control panel within the package allowing control of the EC fan speed ensuing constant air flow rate to suit each application.

The integrated controllers will also automatically adjust the water flow rate via the 3-way valve to meet the demand, maximising efficiency and minimising energy consumption.

The range starts at 30kW of cooling and 60kW of heating and includes units up to 350kW in a single unit and can be combined with either chillers or boilers from our rental fleet to meet the required specification.