WPA Mini Techno

WPA Mini Techno

Available in: R410A
106kW – 193kW

ENERGY COST SAVING AND LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – High EER achieved with shell & tube evaporators, aluminium microchannel condensers and high-efficiency axial fans for lower power absorption and reduction of refrigerant charge, the units are Erp 2021 SEPR HT/MT compliant. Dual independent refrigeration circuits provide added resilience for critical applications.



Works Everywhere

With our versions for air temperature down to -40°C and outlet water temperature down to -10°C available. IP54 protection available.


Non-stop Operation

Designed for 24/7 industrial use with standard safety features and individual testing of all the parts.

                            <h3>Design Flexibility</h3>
<p>Available versions for low ambient and low water temperatures, laser version for higher precision, and many more.</p>



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