WPA Techno

WPA Techno

Available in: R454B
211kW – 707kW
Available in: R454B
204kW – 621kW

ENERGY COST SAVING AND LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – High EER achieved with shell & tube evaporators, aluminium microchannel condensers and high-efficiency axial fans for lower power absorption and reduction of refrigerant charge, the units are Erp 2021 SEPR HT/MT compliant. Dual independent refrigeration circuits provide added resilience for critical applications.


Works Everywhere

With our versions for air temperature down to -40°C and outlet water temperature down to -10°C available. IP54 protection available.

Non-stop Operation

Designed for 24/7 industrial use with standard safety features and individual testing of all the parts.

Design Flexibility

Available versions for low ambient and low water temperatures, laser version for higher precision, and many more.

Specification Sheets