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19th February 2024

Newsome’s Cooling Expertise Revives Major Supermarket Chain’s Redundant Chilled Store

In a strategic move to revamp a dormant facility, a leading provider of real estate solutions turned to Newsome’s expertise to breathe new life into a chilled store for a major UK supermarket chain. The collaborative effort resulted in the successful design and implementation of a state-of-the-art cooling system, exceeding expectations, and heralding a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

Facing the challenge of reactivating a redundant chilled store, the client, a prominent UK supermarket chain, sought a solution to overcome outdated cooling equipment. The obsolete infrastructure failed to maintain the required temperature of 4°C, hindering the property’s functionality and posing a significant operational obstacle.

Newsome stepped in with a comprehensive chiller proposal, encompassing the design, supply, and commissioning of a modern cooling system tailored to the client’s specifications. The solution included the installation of 10 roof-high level mounted evaporators and a single packaged chiller unit, meticulously chosen for its efficiency, flexibility, and eco-friendliness.

Central to the solution was the selection of the RTAF205 SE SN air-cooled chiller, renowned for its flexibility, eco-friendly refrigerant, and wide operating range. The choice of R513A refrigerant underscored Newsome’s commitment to environmental sustainability, offering a significant reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) without compromising performance or efficiency.

The Trane RTAF 205 SE SN EC chiller boasted impressive performance metrics, including a nominal cooling capacity of 497.70 kW and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 2.7 kW/kW. Coupled with meticulous mechanical installation, which involved stainless-steel pipework and precise coordination with other trades, the seamless integration of the new cooling system ensured minimal downtime and disruptions.

Following installation, Newsome’s service engineers conducted rigorous commissioning to validate performance and reliability. The comprehensive quality assurance process included system testing and stakeholder training, ensuring optimal functionality and user familiarity with the cutting-edge cooling technology.

Through collaboration with Newsome, the client successfully revitalised the redundant chilled store, aligning with the supermarket chain’s commitment to excellence in real estate management. The project’s success not only restored operational functionality but also emphasised energy efficiency and sustainability, marking a significant milestone in modernising infrastructure within the retail sector.

By leveraging Newsome’s expertise and embracing innovative cooling technology, the supermarket chain stands poised to deliver enhanced service quality while reducing environmental impact, setting a precedent for sustainable real estate management in the industry.

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