Newsome Boosts Exposure Through Exciting Sponsorship Deal with Doncaster Knights

Newsome Ltd, a leading provider of industrial temperature and humidity control solutions, is delighted to announce a strategic sponsorship partnership with Doncaster Knights, a prominent rugby club in the north of England and one of only a handful of clubs in the Championship currently operating on a full-time basis. This exciting 12-month deal underscores Newsome’s commitment to community engagement, sports development, and business expansion.

As part of this collaboration, Newsome Ltd proudly sponsors the highly talented scrum half, Will Metcalfe, who is poised to make waves in the rugby world. Will Metcalfe has officially joined the Doncaster Knights’ first team under a development deal, marking a significant milestone in his promising career.

Will Metcalfe, a standout player in the senior Academy, has been actively involved in pre-season training with the Knights’ squad. With this development deal, he is set to make appearances in the prestigious Premiership Rugby Cup competition. Will’s journey to the first team commenced last season when he made his debut at the Richmond Athletic Ground in a thrilling match that saw the Knights secure a 24-12 victory over London Scottish.

Will Metcalfe
Will Metcalfe

Newsome Ltd recognises the dedication, talent, and relentless hard work that Will Metcalfe brings to the field. This sponsorship deal is a testament to his consistent efforts and the club’s belief in his potential as a rising star in the rugby arena.

Speaking about this exciting partnership, a spokesman for Newsome said “We are thrilled to join forces with Doncaster Knights and support the growth of rugby talent within our community. Will Metcalfe is an exceptional athlete, and we are proud to be part of his journey as he progresses to the first team. At Newsome, we understand the importance of nurturing local talent, and this sponsorship aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence, teamwork, and community development.”

This collaboration between Newsome Ltd and Doncaster Knights signifies the shared values of dedication, determination, and passion for excellence. It is not merely a sponsorship deal but a partnership that seeks to empower emerging talent, inspire the local community, and foster the growth of sports at all levels.

Doncaster Knights is a well-established rugby club based in Doncaster. Known for their rich history and dedication to rugby excellence, the club has consistently produced exceptional talent and competed at the highest levels of the sport. Doncaster Knights are deeply involved in community engagement, supporting local talent, and promoting the spirit of sportsmanship.