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31st May 2022

The Journey Towards Net Zero

As becoming more energy efficient is at the forefront of the world’s priorities for a greener future, the UK industrial landscape is evolving to adapt to this more sustainable way of living. Recent studies shared by Make UK indicates that a promising 65% of manufacturers have taken positive action towards their net zero target over the last year, and 35% of organisations already have a net zero strategy in place which they have started to implement. Needless to say – now is an extremely pivotal time for manufacturers to play their part in the quest for a greener future. It is therefore essential for end-users to carry out a full energy analysis of their equipment to assess which areas they can upgrade with more efficient solutions.

With innovation being the key to driving positive change, new models are constantly being developed to harness the power of energy efficient technology. This will ultimately help businesses to operationalise the commitments that society expects leadership to take – aligning with the new regulations put in place for the ‘great clean up.’ Ultimately, it’s about shifting the conversation from ‘why’ we need to engage, and instead, putting more emphasis on making the race to net zero – and investing in more innovative equipment plays a crucial part in this.

Here at Newsome, we understand this ever-growing need for businesses to face their environmental impact and re-assess the equipment they use to reduce energy consumption. To help businesses overcome this challenge, we have invested in a range of energy efficient rental equipment, to provide our customers with the most cost-effective systems available and support their journey towards net zero. There are plenty of tips for helping to reduce your energy consumption and costs here, where you’ll find a full break down of the environmental benefits free cooling has to offer – with most systems offering a 18-24 month pay-back period.

Of course, we’re also taking leaps towards future proofing ourselves against rising global energy costs and support our net zero strategy – starting by installing solar energy and electric vehicle charging points. Supported by energy and sustainability specialists, Core Facility Services, the 110kW installation of 272 solar panels will create an incredible CO2 savings of 44,260 kg. In a world where energy supply and costs are increasingly unpredictable, having control of our own energy supply will protect our manufacturing operations from uncertainty and embed long-term sustainability.

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