chiller hire project

12-month chiller hire project installed in Yorkshire

Client – Farming Business

Location – Yorkshire

Project duration – long-term contract (including the design phase, supply, and installation).

Project overview – Full turnkey solution of a brand new 600kW chiller supplying a chilled water / glycol solution at –2*C & operating on a low GWP refrigerant R513a.

Current Situation/Problems/Challenges

The Client:

A family-owned farming business based in Yorkshire, specialising in the growing of root vegetables for leading supermarkets. Their point of difference is that they grow, wash, pack and distribute all their products from one site enabling them to control all aspects of production.

The company heavily relies on efficient cooling solutions to maintain optimal operational conditions and ensure the quality of their products. With a recent significant failure of their existing chiller, the client faced the challenge of finding a reliable and energy-efficient cooling solution.

The Challenge:

The existing chiller system at the farm experienced a major malfunction, rendering it financially impractical to repair. The client recognised the need for a modern and dependable chiller that could provide energy-efficient cooling while minimising operational disruptions. A critical requirement was to install a solution that could reliably deliver chilled a water/glycol solution at -2°C, supporting their production processes.

Project Solution

Newsome, a renowned provider of innovative cooling solutions, was approached by the client to address their cooling system requirements. Newsome designed and delivered a comprehensive turnkey solution tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Key Components of the Solution:

Newsome’s team proposed the installation of a brand-new 600kW chiller system. The chiller was engineered to supply a chilled water and glycol solution at -2°C, aligning with the client’s operational demands. To meet environmental concerns, Newsome selected a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, specifically R513a, ensuring compliance with sustainability goals while providing efficient cooling performance.

chiller hire project

Project Implementation

Assessment: Newsome’s technical experts conducted a thorough assessment of the facility to understand the cooling requirements, layout, and existing infrastructure.

Custom Design: Based on the assessment, Newsome’s engineering team designed a customised cooling solution that integrated seamlessly with the client’s operations.

Chiller Installation: The new 600kW chiller was installed by Newsome’s experienced technicians, adhering to industry best practices and safety protocols.

Refrigerant Transition: The installation included the seamless transition to R513a refrigerant, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimising carbon footprint.

Testing and Commissioning: The chiller system underwent rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and reliable operation.

Client Training: Newsome provided the staff on the farm with comprehensive training on the operation and maintenance of the new chiller system.

12-month chiller hire project installed in Goole

Benefits and Outcomes:

The collaboration between the client and Newsome resulted in numerous benefits:

Enhanced Reliability: The new chiller system significantly improved operational reliability by replacing the outdated and malfunctioning equipment.

Energy Efficiency: The state-of-the-art chiller design and the use of the energy efficient refrigerant R513a led to reduced energy consumption and operational costs.

Temperature Precision: The chiller’s capability to maintain a precise -2°C chilled water/glycol solution ensured the client’s production processes were not compromised.

Environmental Compliance: The selection of a low GWP refrigerant showcased the commitment to environmental sustainability.

12 month chiller hire

Minimal Downtime: The turnkey solution implementation by Newsome minimised operational disruptions during the installation process.

Long-Term Value: The new chiller system is expected to provide long-term value to the farm by offering reliable cooling and energy savings.


The successful installation of the 600kW chiller at the facility demonstrated Newsome’s expertise in providing tailored cooling solutions that meet the unique needs of agricultural and food production clients. The project showcased how collaboration between a client and a cooling solutions provider can result in enhanced efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in critical agricultural processes.