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We work with the world’s leading suppliers of air conditioning equipment to install only the highest quality systems across the pharmaceuticals, technology and commercial industries.

Our expertise in air handling, ventilation, free cooling, clean rooms and data centres means we can offer you an unbiased practical solution, whatever your brief.

Comfort – Air Conditioning

The benefits of improved air quality is proven to increase productivity, work performance & reduce absence. In a comfortable clean environment your work force has the chance to thrive. Our modern air conditioning systems provide just that, with year-round environmental control they eliminate air borne pollutants such as pollen & traffic exhaust.

In addition to the benefits to your work force the installation of energy efficient inverter driven heat pumps will also reduce your buildings running costs.

Product Cooling

Newsome are industry leaders in product cooling. We have developed, installed & maintained systems from cooling individual baked goods all the way up to thousands of tonnes of product in multiple stores, & everything in between. Product cooling is simply the removal of heat from a product following a manufacturing or grading process, or removal of heat following the harvest of fresh produce.

Data Centres

Data centres & server rooms generate a large amount of consistent dry heat 24/7. This heat is an unwanted by-product of the electronic processes. In the Northern hemisphere, we benefit from having a suitable average ambient temperature with which we can deliver external air to the data room for a high proportion of the year. When the external ambient air temperature does drop, rejected room heat can be used to temper the incoming external air.

Clean Rooms 

The operation of a clean room, moving & treating large volumes of air non stop for months or years on end requires serious consideration at the design phase towards the energy performance & life cost of the proposed solution.

Newsome consult, design & install bespoke air handling solutions for the pharmaceutical, electronics, technology, medical manufacturing & research & development industries where detail & critical solutions excel the requirements of independent validation & the MRHA stamp of quality.

The air handling system, environmental control, air pattern & filtration are the most essential elements of clean room design & to meet ISO 14644 classification.

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