Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers RL Hire

Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers RL Hire

Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers Hire

Mid-range industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for dry air storage, cold stores, sports halls, museums, clean rooms, pneumatic conveying and process air conditioning systems.

Manufactured in stainless steel these units include internal heat recovery, electric reactivation and Auto/Manual mode switching.

Pre-wired for for two 2 step binary control (from EH4 2 step controller) as standard, units are also available for linear capacity control (from EH3 PI controller or BMS control signal).

The R Series is supplied with the high capacity D-Max ceramic-silica gel rotor, G7 panel filters, reactivation heater, process and reactivation fans and all essential controls. Also available with steam & gas reactivation.

Key Features
  • Range
    • NR-DH30
    • NR-DH31
    • NR-DH61
    • NR-DH71
  • Design
    • • Fully Stainless Steel 304 unit construction
      • Separate process and reactivation airflow to isolate application environment from fresh air loads.
      • IP55 as standard for external use
      • F7 Grade filtration as standard
      • Heaters available in Electric, Steam and Gas
      • Heat recovery as standard on all RL units
      • Stainless steel frame including wheels and forklift channels
      • External lockable heater switch for capacity control and restriction (safety feature)
      • Externally located manual reset switches to prevent users for needing access into control panel
      • Multi-vane dampers provided on outlets as standard to allow easy airflow modification on site
  • Airflow Circuit
    • Dual fan configuration to separate fresh air from process air and minimize moisture load on application.
    • High efficiency fans to minimize running costs and heat gain as well as maximizing efficiency.
    • High efficiency AC fans to minimize running costs and heat gain as well as maximizing efficiency.
  • Desiccant Wheel Technology
    • Market leading desiccant rotor technology provided by the Seibu Giken group.
    • D-MAX rotor technology as standard on all units.
    • High efficiency honeycomb structure design for maximum moisture transfer and minimum pressure drop.
    • Fully washable rotor allows efficiency and moisture transfer to be retained over the service life of the dehumidifier.
    • Minimum of 10 years’ service life of rotor with proper maintenance schedule.
  • Electrical Circuit
    • 400V/3ph/50Hz as standard
    • Options for all overseas voltage and frequencies to suit overseas markets and installations
    • Linear heater control option available for accurate moisture removal
    • IP55 as standard for external use
    • Internal control panel with all switches and breakers for standalone or integrated operation.
  • Controller Options
    • EH4
    • EH3 (Modbus BMS integration available)
    • C4 Touchscreen (Modbus BMS integration available)
  • Key Features
    • • Stainless steel 304 unit design as standard with 316 stainless steel available as an option.
      • Heat recovery as standard on all RL units
      • Easily maintainable with front access required only for all hardware access
      • Industry leading efficiency and greatest kg/hr moisture removal per kWh on market
      • Hire unit frame for ease of handling on site
      • Externally located switches and resets to remove need to open control panel for any safety trips.